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New and Notable: November Edition

Every month release an episode about new and noteworthy podcasts. There’s so many good ones out there, it’s getting harder to narrow it down. This week: Front Burner, The Off Season, Secret Life of Canada, Nick Quah, Home Cooked and Someone Knows Something.

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Whenever I talk to my news-savvy friends about podcasts, inevitably someone makes the same comment: "I wish someone would make The Daily but for Canada." Well wish no more, Canadian news junkies, because Front Burner is here. Not that it's a Canadian "The Daily" -- it's more than that. CBC's first daily news podcast got off to a strong start this week with stories that you might have missed if all you see is the Trump stories that seem to dominate the headlines. I'm looking forward to more thoughtful and down-to-earth treatments of stories that matter to Canadians. That's why Front Burner is my pick of the week. 

- Julian Uzielli, Associate Producer, Podcast Playlist

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