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New and Notable: November 2020 Edition

We’re looking back on the year so far with stories about revolution and protest, youth tackling climate change, and a virtual pandemic that can teach us about COVID-19.

Our penultimate monthly list of new best podcasts for 2020

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This year will leave us with a lot to look back on — and though a lot of it we'd rather forget, at least we got a lot of great new podcasts?

This month's new and notable playlist is full of pods worth remembering. They're here to help you reflect on what we've all been through, and keep you company as we inch towards 2021. 

Podcasts featured:

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Paradigm: "Producer Shem Parkinson explores the history of racism in Ontario's public school system and one student's much-more recent experience with anti-Black racism at school."

Resistance: "When the protests kicked off in New York City this summer, 22 year old Chi Ossé joined them right away. And when he went out, what he saw changed the trajectory of his life."

Inherited: "In October 2012, a 15-year-old girl named Jenna watched as Hurricane Sandy devastated her beachside community. Ever since, she's witnessed its struggle for recovery."

Wild Wild Tech: "In September 2005, World of Warcraft, a popular MMORPG, was struck with a virus called "Corrupted Blood." It spread uncontrollably, killing hundreds of thousands of players. And now, epidemiologists are studying players' reactions to this virtual pandemic, trying to predict human reactions to real contagions."

Gameplay: "Video games allow us to embody different people and inhabit other worlds. But when you can't be your true self in the real world, exploring virtual ones takes on even greater importance. For transgender people, like Jessica Janiuk, games are a safe space for escapism and discovery, and provide empowerment to embrace the real you." 

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