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New and notable: February edition

From the disturbing dangers of e-scooters to self-help podcasts done right. We've got the best new releases.

Yes! New podcasts to binge!

Over the last year or two, we've seen a big expansion in the audio drama genre of podcasting. And while that's been new and exciting, sometimes you just want to listen to a good old fashioned radio play.

That's what I like so much about PlayMe. Going to the theatre is a luxury many of us can't afford very often, so having the chance to listen to well-produced audio versions of Canadian plays (for free!) is a breath of fresh air. I was glued to my headphones when I listened to PlayMe's production of What a Young Wife Ought To Know. It gives us a glimpse of what life was like in this country not so long ago, and it's a sobering reminder of how lucky we are to live in the age that we do. And that's why it's my pick of the week. 

Julian Uzielli, Producer, Podcast Playlist 

Post Reports - Peter Holley investigates the surprising dangers of e-scooters.

Broken Record - Host Bruce Headlam interviews Roseanne Cash about her new album, being in the later years of her career, and comparisons to her father, legendary musician Johnny Cash.

Plus: An interview with host Bruce Headlam about all the albums he and co-host Malcolm Gladwell argued about as kids.

10 Things That Scare Me - Samin Nosrat (an Iranian-American chef and the host of the Netflix series Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) shares the 10 things she's most afraid of. Her list goes much deeper than clowns and spiders.

Born and Raised - Family restaurants are a part of life for many immigrants in Canada, and It can be gruelling work. So what happens when the kids want to enter the food biz themselves? 

PlayMe - Set in 1920s Canada, What a Young Wife Ought to Know by Hannah Moscovitch tells the story of Sophie, a young working-class wife who has a lot to learn about love, sex, and birth control.

Plus: Columnist Nick Quah stops by to share why he's so obsessed with the self-help genre, and recommends a celebrity podcast that stands out from the crowd.

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