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Musician Leslie Feist shares introspective podcasts

Leslie Feist - musician and now podcaster - joins us as this week's guest curator.
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Leslie Feist is best known for her music with Broken Social Scene, among others, and her solo work as Feist. But she is now also a podcaster.

Her podcast, Pleasure Studies, began in July. Each episode revolves around ideas explored in her most recent album, Pleasure.

This week, Feist joins us as a guest curator! You can find her picks below.

Podcasts featured this week:

Pleasure Studies – In this episode titled Young Up, "we're let in on the secret to turning back the clock, thanks to three ageless women who've followed their hearts to extraordinary second acts: Kittie Weston-Knauer, a retired school principal and oldest female BMX racer in the U.S.; The Grindmother, a 69-year-old grindcore singer who counts Ozzy Osbourne among her fans; and Greta Pontarelli, who became the world's oldest international pole-dancing champion after discovering her beloved hobby at age 59."

On Being –  An earlier episode featuring the now late poet Mary Oliver, speaking to On Being host Krista Tippett about her work.

The New Yorker Radio Hour – Some studies report that up to 20% of Americans believe the moon landing was fake. Andrew Marantz explores the value of skepticism, and the point at which disbelief leads to a totalitarian breakdown.

Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin – Alec Baldwin sits down with Barbara Streisand to reminisce about the early days of her accomplished career.

The Endless Knot Podcast – Emily Wilson discusses her translation of the Odyssey, and being the first woman to translate the poem into English.

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