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Misadventures in dating and romance

Navigating modern courtship can be awkward, confusing, and demoralising. Whatever your experience, these podcasts know you're not alone.
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Modern Love is a podcast from the New York Times hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti. In each episode Chakrabarti shares an essay from the eponymous Modern Love column and invites accomplished actors to perform the piece. I love that each essay explores the joys and struggles of romance at all different stages of life. From falling in love with a new boyfriend's child, to coming to terms with the fact that someone else will love your husband after you die.

What makes Modern Love unique is the show's ability to provide a view into someone else's love story. This, in turn, can provide insight into your own situation. After to listening to just a few episodes it's reassuring to hear that most people do not have the rom-com love life we see in the movies.

-James O'Dowda, Intern, Podcast Playlist.

Science Vs: Does online dating actually work? Can an algorithm find you your best match? Science VS investigates.

Modern Love: When Laurie Sandell broke up with her partner, she lost the deep connection she'd built with his daughter. Actor Busy Philipps reads the essay "How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old." 

Love Me: A man obsessed with meet-cutes falls for all the wrong men and winds up in one mind-boggling situation after another.

This Is Love: Mating is tough when you're a rare left-coiling snail like Jeremy. Doctor Angus Davidson set out to find Jeremy a partner.

Alone: A Love Story: Dating in your forties can feel like high school all over again. In the new season of Alone: A Love Story, Michelle Parise recounts looking for "the one," or just "the one for now."

Word Bomb: Girlfriend, boyfriend, better half, sweetheart, beau...what's in a name? Hosts Pippa Johnstone and Karina Palmitesta explore the etymology and history of the labels you might use for that special someone.    

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