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Long, Short, Straight, Curly: Podcasts about every type of hair

Whether it's on Superman's head or Beyoncé's, it's impossible to ignore how iconic hair has shaped our culture.
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The Hair Part Theory. Have you heard of it? I had no idea it was a thing until I heard this episode of The Cracked podcast. Apparently I've been parting my hair on the wrong side of my head my whole life. Nuclear Physicists John and Catherine Walker (they're siblings) came up with the idea that the way a person's hair is parted has a direct effect on others' assumptions about their personality. It sounds insane. Until you realize that every powerful, attractive and likable person you can think of parts their hair on the left (Superman/Clark Kent is the most famous example). It turns out the theory has been somewhat debunked and may only apply to men. But that isn't going to stop me from experimenting with a brush this weekend. That's why The Cracked Podcast is my pick of the week. 

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