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Our interactive, variety show-style episode live from the Hot Docs Podcast Festival features storytellers from coast to coast. Come discover the extraordinary range and diversity of Canada’s podcast talent!
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Nobody Cares (Except for Me) is a new-ish Toronto based podcast hosted by Anne T. Donahue. Each week, Anne is joined by a guest who shares something they're passionate about despite no one else feeling the same. During our live recording of this week's show, Anne was joined by comedian Courtney Gilmour. Together they discussed a very hot-button topic: the many complexities of sparkling water. Courtney and Anne made a great point: when you don't drink alcohol there really aren't that many exciting options out there. I've definitely drank tap water at a bar before and let's just say it wasn't very...festive. Nobody Cares is a podcast that celebrates how the weird and obscure things we love make us who we are. For that reason, it's my pick of the week.

- Kate Evans, Producer, Podcast Playlist

Podcasts featured this week: 

  • First Day Back - Meet comedian Jason Weems, who after literally dying on stage when his heart stopped for five minutes, was saved by an audience member. Now, he wants to find out if he can make jokes about his death. Listen to his live performance, followed by a Q + A with host Tally Abecassis.
  • Nobody Cares (Except for Me) - Host Anne T. Donahue invites comedian Courtney Gilmour on stage to discuss her obsession with sparkling water.
  • Tai Asks Why - 12-year-old host Tai Poole examines a piece of age old advice. We've all heard the saying trust your gut, but is that scientifically accurate?
  • Personal Best - Listen to the team at Personal Best try to create the "perfect podcast episode" live on stage.
  • Red Man Laughing - Host of Red Man Laughing Ryan McMahon, sits down one of the hosts of The Secret Life of Canada, Falen Johnson, to discuss food sovereignty. 
  • Ryan also talks about Thunder Bay, his new show on Canadaland's podcast network.

Listen to the full length Canadian Broadcast Version:
Our interactive, variety show-style episode live from the Hot Docs Podcast Festival features storytellers from across Canada. Featuring: First Day Back, Nobody Cares (Except for Me), Tai Asks Why, Personal Best, Red Man Laughing. Plus, Ryan McMahon shares details about his new show with the Canadaland Network, Thunder Bay. 54:00

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