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Podcast Pick of the Week:

Ear Hustle is a podcast that seems to endlessly fascinate. No matter where I go, if I start talking about podcasts, someone will inevitably mention Ear Hustle. The podcast is hosted by visual artist Nigel Poor and also Earlonne Woods, who is currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, where the podcast is recorded.

The magic of this podcast is that it manages to unveil the things in life that are important to all of us. The episode we feature this week focuses on a man who combats loneliness by befriending the small creatures that make their way into the prison, and then caring for them. Moths, frogs, swallows and spiders become his companions, in what might otherwise be a solitary existence. This podcast is worth a listen.

- Podcast Playlist Co-host, Lindsay Michael

This episode was curated by you. We asked you to tell us about your favourite podcasts, and we've put your suggestions together in this episode.

Podcasts featured this week:

  • Ear Hustle - Ear Hustle brings you stories of life inside prison, shared and produced by those living it. The need to nurture and show love for another living being (or, in San Quentin parlance, "looking out") is an essential human impulse. Away from your family and friends in prison, this can be difficult – if not impossible. Click here to listen to the full episode.

  • Crazy; In Bed - May Wilkerson and Alyssa Limperis are best friends, stand-up comedians and crazy – clinically speaking, and just regular speaking. Join them each week to discuss their mental health issues, which cover anxiety, depression, anorexia, bulimia, addiction and even a dead dad! Click here to listen to the full episode.

  • Ologies - Meet Dr. Varshana Gurusamy: diagnostic radiology resident, Texan and amazing person with great stories. You'll learn the difference between an MRI and an ultrasound, between a CT scan and a CAT scan. Click here to listen to the full episode.

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