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Human-Animal Relations

A police officer buys a new house for the sake of his dogs and why house cats have us trained. This week's episode is all about our complex relationships with animals.
(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Six podcasts about our complex relationships with animals.


1. Criminal

"Scott just put his house on the market. He says he doesn't think his place has enough room for all the dogs, which seems a little wild because it actually looks like a dog paradise." — Phoebe Judge

Host Phoebe Judge revisits one of her most memorable guests, Corporal Scott Foster and his two incredibly loyal police dogs.

2. Recent Paper, Decent Puzzle

"There is a drug that you can inject into a dog and when that dog looks at you that drug will then be in your body." — Dan Riskin

Don't underestimate the value of dogs. They have tapped into the way we communicate, to literally become part of the human family.

3. Big Picture Science

"Cats basically inserted themselves into the human sphere." — Abigail Tucker

Researcher Abigail Tucker explains how house cats adapt to domestic life -- including training their owners.

4. Short and Curly

"It was only really later that we found out through acting out the noises a dog might make, of what we'd eaten." — Tim O'Connor on trying new meat in Vietnam.

Why is it okay to eat a baby cow (veal) or sheep (lamb) and not a cute little puppy?

5. HumaNature

"At this point, Jon and Judas had been walking together for about 5 years across Mexico, Central America, and nearly all the countries in South America." — HumaNature

A travelling nomad sets out for the longest walk of his life armed with nothing but a backpack and his donkey. 

6. TED Radio Hour

"That is the essence of wisdom: To be where you are." — Boyd Varty

South African writer and conservationist Boyd Varty has spent his entire life among wild animals. He describes how he discovers "new old ways" by observing the natural world.

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