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How architecture affects our lives

From the history of 'open offices' to the meteoric rise of Airbnb. This week's episode is all about the importance of architecture.
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From the history of 'open offices' to the meteoric rise of Airbnb. This week's episode is all about how design and architecture impacts our lives. 53:59

1. 99% Invisible

In the 1992, the Baltimore Orioles opened their baseball season at a brand new stadium called Oriole Park. Since then, ballparks around the country have never been the same. Full episode link.

2. Planet Money

How a vision on a mountaintop led to the birth of the modern 'open office.' Meet the man behind the concept. Full episode link.

3. How I Built This

A chance encounter with a stranger gave Joe Gebbia an idea to help pay his rent. That idea turned into Airbnb - a company that now has more rooms than the biggest hotel chain in the world. Full episode link.

4. Montreapolis

After fire ravaged two of his restaurants, renowned chef Antonio Park is expanding his culinary empire. But that has a cost. Full episode link.

5. Design and Architecture

There are politics around access to public swimming pools. The podcast visits a gorgeous, newly-restored pool in South LA to explore those politics. Full episode link.

6. The Urbanist

While the designer of the Daily News Building left an indelible mark on the city, to many outside observers the office might be more familiar as the workplace of a certain mild-mannered reporter. Full episode link.

7. HOME: Stories From L.A.

How will we live in 20 years? Or 50? Or 100? A one-of-a-kind, only-in-LA plot at the very end of Mulholland Highway inspired some of the world's best designers to think hard about the home of the future, in Los Angeles and beyond. Click here to see an image of the Ambivalent House.  Full episode link.

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