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High profile crime stories told from the perspective of the journalists who covered them, an investigation into the secrets behind the multi-billion dollar porn industry, and an ode to scent. Find a new favourite in this week’s episode.
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Robert Pickton is known as one of Canada's most notorious serial killers. He targeted women from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, one of the city's most under-served neighbourhoods. So how did Pickton go from facing charges of 26 counts of first degree murder to serving time for just six?

Reporter Lori Cuthbert followed his case from beginning to end. Hear what she witnessed through her reporting of Pickton's trial in True Crime Byline. The new podcast tells high profile crime stories through the eyes of the journalists, like Cuthbert, who covered them. Host Leah-Simone Bowen speaks with the podcast's host Kathleen Goldhar. She breaks down how recognizing systemic problems within Canada's justice system shaped her own reporting and sparked the idea for the podcast.

Plus, we've got an investigation into the secrets behind the multi-billion dollar porn industry, Freakonomics' new podcast featuring a dog-cognition expert, dad jokes, and a case study of a small, seaside town and the people who live there.

Find a favourite, learn something new, and have a laugh with this week's new and notable picks.

Podcasts featured this week:

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True Crime Byline: "It started with a tip from a police source: The number of women reported missing from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside was much higher than publicly reported. A dogged investigation by a team of journalists at the Vancouver Sun told the stories of these missing mothers, daughters and sisters — and created a sense of urgency to find out what happened to them. With the public demanding action, the police eventually zeroed in on Robert (Willy) Pickton, Canada's most prolific serial killer."

Hot Money: "This series seeks to uncover the inner workings of the business side of the modern porn industry. The internet undeniably had a massive impact on shifting the way porn was distributed. In this first episode, Patricia Nilsson and Alex Barker of the Financial Times speak with sex performer Stoya about how this shift into tube sites, like Pornhub, changed things for her — and how the owners of tube sites are not subjected to the same stigmas."

Welcome to Provincetown: "Welcome to Provincetown follows the stories of seven people over the course of a summer in the iconic LGBTQ community of Provincetown, Massachusetts. In this clip, host Mitra Kaboli introduces us to Qya Cristal, a local drag queen." 

Off Leash: "Dogs are, above all, creatures of the nose. What can they sniff out, and what can we learn about smelling by following them? Alexandra Horowitz talks to a detection-dog handler and a food critic about olfaction, then puts some Freakonomics hosts' noses to the test."

Dear Old Dads: "Hey kids, get ON our lawn! Dear old Dads is a podcast examining and deconstructing all things Dad. From parenting to patriarchy; manning the grill to manning up; Dear Old Dads asks – what even is a dad anyway? What does it mean to be a good man in today's world? What should it mean? Listen along as we definitely find the correct, concise answers to all these questions and more, with hosts and dads Eli Bosnick, Thomas Smith, and Tom Curry."

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