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From Nirvana to Clueless: the legacy of the 1990s

From early internet celebrities to long lost recordings of Kurt Cobain, this episode is all about the 90s.
In this undated photo provided by Paramount Pictures, Brittany Murphy, left, Alicia Silverstone, center, and Stacey Dash, are seen during production of the 1995 movie "Clueless." (Elliot Marks, Paramount Pictures)
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This week, a repeat of one of our favourite episodes, from September 2016.

Seven podcasts that are too legit to quit.

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We're celebrating the 90s this week with podcasts that are too legit to quit. Featuring: Sound Opinions, Stuck in the 90s, Reply All, Studio 360, You Must Remember This. 53:59

1. Blank on Blank

"I even thought I was gay. I thought that might be the solution to my problem." — Kurt Cobain on alienation in high school.

Nirvana's famous frontman spoke to Jon Savage about gender inequality, high school and punk music in this rare and candid interview.

2. Sound Opinions

"I think that Riot Grrrl in its screams and its messiness was really expressing the frustration of trying to craft an identity." — Sara Marcus, on Riot Grrrl

While Nirvana and other Seattle grunge bands made their impact in commercial music, many overlooked the equally important riot grrrl scene in the Pacific Northwest.

3. You Must Remember This

"Isabella Rossellini's biography could have ended as 'the daughter of famous people.' She instead tried to subvert the industry that labelled her a has-been." — Karina Longworth on the career of Isabella Rossellini

After being fired in her 40s as the face of Lancôme, actress Isabella Rossellini decided to launch a company which she referred to as "a secret feminist plot" against the beauty industry.

4. Stuck in the 90s

"Pineapple-banana-berry-coconut. That's not four flavours, that's one flavour...so maybe those are off-putting for some people." — Chris Elphick, on why Orbitz went out of business

A podcast that goes over the most important headlines from 1990 to 1999, one week at a time. This week, it's all about Orbitz, a failed soda beverage that looks like a lava lamp.

5. Allusionist

"I can remember Thatcherism, and people who are a few years younger than me can't remember Thatcherism, and it actually does colour your approach to life." — Miranda Sawyer on how the generation you're a part of affects your life.

Why do people make a big deal out of generational labels like Millennials or Baby Boomers? Who defined them? And how do they define you?

6. Reply All

"She was one of the first people to live her life in public, she was one of the first people to become a celebrity simply because she was on camera." — Alex Goldman on Jennifer Ringley (aka Jennicam)

In 1996, Jennifer Ringley started Jennicam, a website that captured her every moment. She was viewed seven million times a day and was featured on David Letterman. Seven years later, nobody knew why she disappeared from the internet.

7. Studio 360

"I just wanted to be Jane Austen. That's all I wanted." — Gina Fattore, on wanting her career to trump her love life.

Television writer and producer Gina Fattore talks about pursuing her dreams after being inspired by the film Clueless.

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