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From Cosby to Wonder Woman: complicated legacies

From Confederate statues to Cosby to Wonder Woman, we examine the challenge of addressing difficult legacies.
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1. Revisionist History

Brown v. Board of Education might be the most well-known Supreme Court decision, a major victory in the fight for civil rights. But the decision had complex implications. Full episode link.

2. Code Switch

Gene Demby and Kat Chow travel to Richmond, Virginia's monument avenue, the home of many towering Confederate statues. They speak to folks on both sides of the debate about the legacy of confederate soldiers. Full episode link.

3. Fresh Air

The man who created Wonder Woman modelled her after both suffragists and scantily clad pin-up girls. Was William Moulton Marston inspired by feminists or fetish? Full episode link.

4. The Secret Life of Canada

How did Banff come to be? A look back at how Indigenous people were kicked off their land—and how the national park was built by the forced labour of interned Ukrainian-Canadians. Full episode link.

5. Cosby Unraveled

Host Annette John-Hall looks at what Cosby represented to the African American community and his now complicated legacy. Full episode link.

6. Stuff You Missed in History Class

German chemist Fritz Haber has been called "a monster who fed the world." Haber won a Nobel prize for discovering a process that allowed for the creation of synthetic fertilizers but used this same process to orchestrate a brutal chlorine gas attack in World War. Full episode link.

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