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Five podcasts to take you back to the future

In last week's episode we shared podcasts that had unique visions of what the future could have in store for us. Here are five more time travelling podcasts to take you back to the future.
Here are five more time travelling podcasts that explore the future. (Kate Bueckert/CBC)

Imagine a world without adorable puppies. Or a world where no one has to work. Podcasts are a great medium for transporting you to a new time and place.

In last week's episode we shared podcasts that had unique visions of what the future could have in store for us. Here are five more time travelling podcasts that explore the future.

1. Science Friday

​Recommended Episode: It All Started With a Hoverboard

​Being given the opportunity to build an American town, on film, thirty years in the future sounds like the project of a lifetime for a young Art Director. The 1989 vision of what  food, fashion, trends and technology would look like in 2015 were all dreamed up by Art Director John Bell for Back to the Future II. During his Sci Fri interview with host Ira Flatow, John Bell shares his sources of inspiration, and the logic behind why he portrayed the future in the way that he did.

2. Dinner Party Download

​Recommended Episode: Episode 325: Brie Larson, Gloria Steinem, Raury

​Raury is a 19-year-old musician who is known for blending the sounds of hip hop and folk. You may know his music from the Lorde-curated Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack. Raury is an artist that makes you feel cooler just by association. He's so young, so talented, and seems to have great taste in everything from music to fashion.

On this episode of Dinner Party Download, he shares his recommendations for a dinner party playlist. His futuristic dinner party takes place in the middle of a forest in 3050. There's music, poetry and wine. The dress code is white velvet togas Velvet: the material of the future. In 3050 artists like Amy Winehouse and Frank Ocean still get people on the dance floor.

You can hear all of Raury's recommendations in the segment below.

If you'd like to hear more from Dinner Party Download, check out our Dinner Table Discussions episode here.

3. Pop Culture Happy Hour

Recommended episode: 'Tomorrowland,' The Future And The Past

Tomorrowland was a box office failure inspired by the futuristic theme-land found at Disney theme parks and based on Walt Disney's optimistic philosophy of the future. The hosts of Pop Culture Happy Hour have a round table discussion about why the film doesn't work. But things get really interesting when the conversation expands into a larger discussion about futuristic iconography in films about the future and how they can often disappoint.

4. Professor Blastoff

Recommended episode: Global Warming

Professor Blastoff recently said goodbye after 217 episodes. But, all of their shows are still available on Soundcloud and make for great listening. Hosted by Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan and David Huntsberger, the show has the most hilariously convoluted premise of any podcast out there. In each episode the hosts tackle a new topic to discuss. The show is more funny than informative, but always entertaining. 

What causes global warming? Will global warming make the planet uninhabitable in the future? This episode doesn't shed much light. Luckily, laughter is one of the best distractions from impending doom.  


5. Métis in Space

Recommended episode: Dune

One minute into this episode of Métis in Space, you will be smiling—and probably addicted to this wonderful podcast. Hosts Chelsea and Molly review Sci-Fi films, TV episodes and other media that features tropes and themes about indigenous people. 

Bonus: It's one of the only podcasts that has a beverage pairing at the top of the show.

This episode dives into David Lynch's 1984 film DuneDune is set 10,000 years in the future and features Sting power posing in a Steampunk speedo. Chelsea and Molly are huge fans of the book the film was based on. As they know the source material cold, they're able shed some much needed light on the very confusing plot of this futuristic film.   

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