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Feel good stories for when you need a pick-me-up

Plus, David Suzuki introduces us to his new podcast.
David Suzuki, sitting outside (David Suzuki Foundation)

We could all use something to brighten our days these days (the Podcast Playlist team included). This week we're bringing you all things wholesome, heartwarming and fun. A 72-year-old gardener-turned-internet sensation? Check. The science behind why we dance? Check. Also, Darth Vader. (That one's upbeat too. Promise.)

Plus, a huge interview! Iconic environmentalist David Suzuki got his start in radio 45 years ago — but now he's stepped into podcasting. The first season of The David Suzuki Podcast pictures what a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic might look like, and features guest celebrities, activists and experts. David spoke to Elamin from his home in Vancouver about how the pandemic inspired this project and how he views his new role as a host. He also has an important message all you parents out there should hear...

Podcasts featured this week:

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This Is Love: "In June of 2020, a 72-year-old man in the UK named Gerald Stratford posted a photograph of himself in his garden on Twitter. He wrote, 'Just giving my onions their daily inspection, a crucial time now for veg.' The tweet, like many of Gerald Stratford's tweets, went viral. Gerald told us he never expected so many people to like his tweets about his garden, but that he just tries to be nice and polite and so far, people like it."

The Moth: "Dame Wilburn has a startling encounter with Darth Vader."

The David Suzuki Podcast: "In this episode, I invite an old friend whose wise insight is as relevant as ever. Neil Young needs no introduction for fans of his music. Many consider him to be one of the greatest musical artists of all time. In his songwriting and his actions offstage, Neil has stood up for his beliefs and fought for a greener and kinder world. He's been pointing out the impacts of our society on Earth for decades."

Tai Asks Why: "Don't tell anyone: Tai thinks he has two left feet but he still loves to dance when no one's watching. But why do humans like to dance at all? What's going on in the brain when people boogie? In this episode, Tai tangos into the activity that has helped humans and communities survive for thousands of years, with the help of his whole family."

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