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Fake zombies and Drake's bedtime routine: surprising stories about music

Analyse the origins behind Rihanna's "Work," and tour with a cover band who pretended to be the real thing. This episode is all about surprising stories behind the music.
Aug. 28, 2016 - Drake, left, presents the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award to Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP, File) (The Associated Press)

Six podcasts with deep cut stories about music


1. BBC Soul Music

"Everyone seems to love that song. A lot of people like to sing along. Some people like to just sit and listen. And some people cry." Michael Bawtree, on The Way You Look Tonight

Did you know The Way You Look Tonight was first sung by Fred Astaire to Ginger Rogers while she was washing her hair? Hear how the song impacted different people at poignant times in their lives.

2. Tuner

"What I didn't like was that people were not giving credit to the Caribbean and just whitewashing it as "tropical    house." ' — Bianca Gracie

When Rihanna released her song Work, one publication described its style as "tropical house-flavored." That didn't sit well with music writer Bianca Gracie who argued that the song owes more of a debt to "dancehall."

3. Pessimists Archive

"[Recorded music] was once frightening. It was dangerous. Damaging to the soul even."Jason Feifer on early misconceptions about recorded music.

In the early 1900s, recorded music was accused of muddling our minds, destroying art, and even harming babies. What was everyone so afraid of?

4. Between the Liner Notes

"The goal was to actually trick an audience into thinking that they were seeing and hearing the real [Zombies]."Matthew Billy

In 1969, there were two different bands called "The Zombies" touring the United States. Problem was, neither band was real. Hear how schemers took advantage of an era where most fans didn't know what rock stars looked like.

5. Leave a Message After the Tone

"And what about flossing? Do you think he does it every night before bed? Or does he go hard on the floss after a checkup, just to give it up a few weeks later." — Melanie Kruvelis, speculating Drake's bedtime routine

Anonymous people leave messages about what they hypothesize Drake's bedtime routine is like.

6. Studio 360

"If you put on something like 'Better Get it In Your Soul' the cat is likely to not going to be happy 'cause it's too raucous." — Mingus biographer Gene Santoro on the best song to play while toilet training your cat.

Jazz musician Charles Mingus was a celebrated musical mind and one of the most important composers of his generation. He also wrote a step-by-step guide on how to get your cat to poop in a toilet. Listen or watch the instructional video below.

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