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Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse of For Colored Nerds talk about the industry and share their favourite podcasts

Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse, hosts of For Colored Nerds, join us to talk about the return of their show, leaving Spotify, and to share their favourite podcasts.
(Courtesy of For Colored Nerds)

The podcast For Colored Nerds is a pop culture conversation that dives a little deeper.

It's hosted by best friends and culture critics Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. Each week they dive into what's going on in the zeitgeist, and peel back the layers of Black culture that are rarely discussed in mixed company. 

From Janet Jackson's new documentary, to the Sex in the City reboot, to impostor syndrome, to what everyone is talking about on TikTok — These are just a few of the subjects they've unpacked since rebooting their show back in November 2021.

Brittany and Eric join us on this episode to talk about rebooting For Colored Nerds and their journey through the podcast industry. Plus, we'll listen to a few of their favourite podcasts. 

Podcasts featured this week:

(Courtesy of podcasts)

For Colored Nerds: "Former lawyer Vallery Lomas turned to baking on a whim, but quickly shot to the top when she became the first Black winner of The Great American Baking Show. But in a strange twist of fate, her season never aired on TV. Vallery chats with Brittany and Eric about her subsequent bounce back and resulting cookbook, Life Is What You Bake It."

Revisionist History: "Revisionist History takes on The Little Mermaid: a deep dive into a world where merpeople present us with a series of vexing moral conundrums. Part one of three."

Celebrity Memoir Book Club:  "Oops she's still doing it. Jamie Lynn Spears has taken her time speaking out against her sister, pop singer Britney Spears's 14 year conservatorship. She's finally telling her side of the story (the parts that matter and mostly the parts that don't) in her new memoir, The Things I Should Have Said."

Trapital: "Issa Rae is an actress and creator who is best known for her work on "Insecure" which has been running for five seasons on HBO. In this episode, Issa shares her journey with Warner and the importance of 'ownership' in the industry, which has been a growing topic especially for a lot of Black creators like herself. She also talks about the final week of "Insecure" and her plans moving forward."

Food Heaven: "What have you heard about MSG? There's a lot of myths and stereotypes surrounding this flavour enhancer. Chances are, much of what you may have learned about MSG is wrong. Today on the podcast, we are dispelling myths and unveiling the toxic and racist history behind MSG. Our expert for this episode is none other than Kim Phạm, a self-proclaimed "internet weirdo" and co-founder of Omsom, a proud and loud Asian food brand that makes it easy to cook restaurant-quality Asian dishes at home in under 30 minutes." 

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