Episode 34: Oscar Special

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From interviews with producer Ice Cube to actress Brie Larson, hear the best companion podcasts for this year's Oscars.

1. Little Gold Men

"[The Oscars] had been started in part by men like Louis B. Mayer, in order to make the artists that he employed feel like they were valued…so that they would work harder." — Karina Longworth, on Little Gold Men

Before the Academy Awards became the establishment it is today, guest journalist Karina Longworth explains what the 'real' Oscars were like in its infancy stages.

2. The Business

​"They [Hollywood studios] don't promote urban movies overseas." — Ice Cube, on The Business

Despite being a hip-hop icon, Ice Cube describes the challenges he still faces as a film producer in Hollywood.

3. Sound Works Collection

"Whenever we're in the desert he [Director George Miller] was just convinced deserts don't have sound." —  Sound designer Mark Mangini, on Sound Works Collection

Learn the artistry of how sound designer, Mark Mangini, crafted several scenes behind his Oscar nominated work for Mad Max: Fury Road.

Here's the clip from Mad Max: Fury Road Matt and Lindsay mentioned during the show:

4. See You Next Wednesday

"Charlie Kaufman made this movie and I know there's going to be this crushing y'know, examination of something at the end of the movie." — Host Dan Gorman, on See You Next Wednesday

Sometimes you just want a friend you can trust to tell you what you should be watching and why. The guys at See You Next Wednesday ARE that friend. And do they have a film to recommend you.

5. The Frame

"I remembered my sister's friends talking to me about being upset because they couldn't get into XYZ college. And I thought 'wow', that feeling is what I experienced once a day for 10 years." — Brie Larson, on The Frame

This year's best actress nominee, Brie Larson, talks about how her personal experiences fuelled her performance in Room.

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