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Episode 32: Love and distance

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Listen to stories on being apart from the one you love.
Love letters and mementos from WWII veteran Stanley Gargas were found in a heat duct during a remodel of the kitchen of Hubert Sawyer, 32, and his wife Eliza Sorise-Sawyers, 31, and later photographed in Detroit, Mich., Monday, Dec. 31, 2012. (AP Photo/Detroit Free Press, Kathleen Galligan)

We've got a mixtape of long distance love stories that you'll love -- even if you're not loving love right now.

We've got a mixtape of long distance love stories that you'll love -- even if you're not loving love right now.

I Like You

"What are you thinking about when you're 10, 11, when you say you like someone? Do you want to kiss them?" — Konstantine, on I Like You

A long lost childhood crush is rekindled after a grade 6 class photo reemerges on Facebook. Plus: we mentioned a video of Konstantine and Salina doing what an only be described as Russian line-dancing meets "weird ho-down" at a grade school recital. Trust us: just watch it.

Fugitive Waves

​"If he wants to be engaged to you, you be engaged to him. And write him a lot of letters, because that's good for the war effort." — A woman explains a technique for keeping up morale during World War II, on Fugitive Waves

Long before the age of e-mail and texts, four woman share what it's like to send love letters during the Second World War.

Latino USA

"Kevin Alex Gallegos is only 8 years old. But, he's already making international calls using Skype." —  Maria Hinojosa describing a family separated by deportation, on Latino USA

After Alex and Arturo Alvarado's dad was deported to Mexico, their family finds a way to keep in touch through international homework sessions.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

"Way back in our human ancestor's time, we didn't need a US Weekly to tell us what the higher status individuals were doing." —  Cristen Conger, on Stuff Mom Never Told You

This episode explains why so many of us are compelled to form intense bonds with celebrities or fictional characters we'll never meet.

PLUS Lindsay interviews hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin on how they started their podcast empire.

Israel Story

"Ghazi is 38, still single, and his parents are still trying to get him married." — Producer Shoshi Shmuluvitz describes the subject of her story, on Israel Story

To answer his father's dying wish, Ghazi Albuliwi travels from Brooklyn to Tulkarem to try and find his future wife.

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