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Episode 31: Working

Listen to personal stories that go beyond the water cooler.
Even superheroes work for the weekend (Eneas De Troya)

From the locker room of a professional sports team, to the inner circle of a barber shop, we hear from people who live their lives on the job.

Rumble Strip Vermont

"Just because you stalked your ex-boyfriend does not mean you would be a great private investigator." — A real private investigator, on Rumble Strip Vermont

Susan Randall, a private investigator for almost 2 decades, explains what keeps her motivated in an often thankless profession.


​"Every man, especially now, they want to interact with men. I think that stuff is coming back around." — Brooklyn barber, Eric Aleman on Working

Eric Aleman, a barber, describes why local barber shops, like the one he works at in Brooklyn, are essential to every community.

Snap Judgement

"Take care of your job, take care of yourself, and take care of each other." — A well liked boss on Snap Judgement

A tearfully emotional story about an inspirational boss and the employees he influenced along the way.

Girl On Guy

"At 12 years old I got bit by the guitar bug." — Actor Bokeem Woodbine, on Girl On Guy

Known for his role as Mike Milligan in the TV show Fargo, Mike Milligan speaks to host, Aisha Tyler, about his work as an actor. Get the Libsyn player to hear this episode.

PLUS Lindsay interviews Aisha Tyler about what it's like to develop a podcast with her crazy schedule.

Red Man Laughing

"When you're got your nose to the grindstone and you're grinding through something, at the time you hate, doesn't take long down the road till you look back on those memories fondly." — Ryan McMahon on Red Man Laughing

Comedian Ryan McMahon interviews professional volleyball player Dallas Soonias on what it's really like to have his dream job. You can hear more of Soonias on his own show called Indigenous Prime Podcast.

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