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Episode 30: Education

Expand your mind. This episode recommends stories guaranteed to make you learn.
Learn to learn better with this week's Podcast Playlist. (modup.net)

Forget the classroom. Hit the books with this episode of Podcast Playlist as we take you through the best stories about our quest for knowledge.

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Forget the classroom. Hit the books with this episode of Podcast Playlist- as we take you through the best stories about our quest for knowledge.


"We love Heritage Minutes but we love them as an ironic sort of kitsch." — Justin McElroy on Cited

This episode of Cited investigates the cult following behind Heritage Minutes and why those PSA videos are still relevant 25 years later.

Hidden Brain

​"In many ways, it was almost as if strengthening the relationship [in class] made a bigger difference to teachers than it did to students." — Shankar Vedantam, on Hidden Brain

Students aren't the only ones learning in the classroom. Harvard Graduate School of Education professor Dr. Hunter Gehlbach explains to Hidden Brain the positive side effects of a good teacher-student relationship.

The Bedley Bros. EdChat

"How do we invite imagination back into the classroom? That's going to be through play." — Kevin Carroll, on The Bedley Bros. EdChat

Tim and Scott Bedley, hosts of The Bedley Bros. EdChat, question whether 'playful' subjects like arts and gym have real value in education.

Us & Them

"American schools have been trying to teach sex education for more than a century, and it seems that no matter how they do it, it makes somebody mad." — Trey Kay, on Us & Them

Think your era of sex education was embarrassing? This episode of Us & Them reveals that how we teach sex in schools continues to be controversial.

Scene On Radio

"It's no small thing what sports is doing in the lives of these kids, simply by putting them side by side, day after day." — John Biewen on Scene On Radio

Scene On Radio explores the dynamics of a racially diverse girls basketball team from Pattonville High School.

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