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Episode 29: Home

Stories of mass migration, fleeing home and finding refuge.
A Syrian refugee flashes a victory sign at Reyhanli refugee camp in Hatay province on the Turkish-Syrian border March 31, 2012 (Image was cropped from original for size). (REUTERS/Osman Orsal (CC))

This week on Podcast Playlist, we hear from people who had to flee their homes, in order to save their lives. 

Here are some of the best podcasts that help us understand what it feels like to start over.

Home of the Brave, Back Story, The World, and Spark.

Listen to the Canadian version:

Home of the Brave, Back Story, The World, Spark. This week on Podcast Playlist, stories of mass migration, fleeing home and finding refuge.

Home of the Brave

"You can stand on the beach on Lesbos and look across the water and see the green hills of Turkey." — Scott Carrier on Home of the Brave

In this episode of Home of the Brave, veteran radio producer, Scott Carrier, interviews refugees as they land on the Greek Isle of Lesbos. He even travels with them as the refugees relocate by ferrying to Athens.

Back Story

"My grandmother in the Second World War, she was also a refugee." — A Mother and refugee who arrived in Hungary on Back Story

CBC original podcast, Back Story shares stories from journalist Nahlah Ayed, about what she's seen, including a report from the heart of the refugee crisis.

The World

"There's a wave of hostility from large parts of American society stoked by sensational stories in the media." — Marco Werman on The World

Host of The World, Marco Werman, looks at another group of immigrants who faced similar controversy 100 years ago.


​"I am standing here, speaking to you, only because I was saved." — Sudeshna Chaudhry on Spark 

Performed in front of a live audience, Sudeshna Chaudhury tells her story of escaping war-torn Uganda in the 1980's on Spark

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