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Episode 28: Road trip

This week on Podcast Playlist, we're hitting the road and seeing where the winds take us.
(Steve Wilson)
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This week on Podcast Playlist, we're hitting the road and seeing where the winds take us. 

The thing about road trips, it's not about getting there, it's all about the journey. Here are five of the best podcasts that take your imagination on a wonderful adventure from coast to coast.

(State of the Re:Union, Revivalism, Van Sounds, Tale of a Town, Walking Across America)

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This week on Podcast Playlist, we're hitting the road and seeing where the winds take us. Here are five of the best podcasts that take your imagination on a wonderful adventure from coast to coast. 53:59

State of the Re:Union

"Several years ago, Nick started a show that played something out of the ordinary for rural Appalachia: Hip-Hop." — Al Letson on State of the Re:Union

In this episode of State of the Re:union, a local radio host unites a prison community by starting a movement.


"You're like the spoon prodigy. You're like the spoon Beethoven." — Carlisle Sargent on Revivalism

Two friends, Ian Enright and Carlisle Sargent hit 20 cities in 22 days to explore forgotten parts of American culture in Revivalism, including the long lost art of busking.

Van Sounds

"Depending on what number it [the dice] lands on, we will drive in a certain direction for the rest of the day." — Fil Corbitt on Van Sounds

The latest dice experiment from Van Sounds' Fil Corbitt got him exploring some pretty interesting pockets of roadsides.

Tale of a Town

​"We'd come downtown to go to the Capitol Theatre to watch movies." — Local Sudbury resident on Tale of a Town

Tale of a Town tells the stories of main streets from across Canada. In Sudbury, residents reminisce about the people and places that have come and gone.

Walking Across America

"I don't want this road to end." — Andrew Forsthoefel on Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man

From public media champion Transom is Walking Across America. This piece chronicles Andrew Forsthoefel's 4,000 mile walk across America. Along the way he receives life changing advice from strangers.

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