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Episode 19: Imposters

Stories about what happens when we masquerade. Maybe you’ll get found out -- or maybe you’ll find yourself.
Cristin Milioti, left, and Steve Kazee perform in a scene from Once. Cristin shares her story of feeling like an imposter on Pitch. (Charles Sykes/Invision/Associated Press)

Whether you're pretending to be something you're not, or faking it til' you make it…chances are at some point you've felt like an imposter.

The scariest part is waiting to be exposed. This week's episode is about feeling like you're an Imposter. You'll hear stories about what happens when we masquerade. Maybe you'll get found out—or maybe you'll find yourself.


"I suddenly realized that there were going to be 300 people there that night and I started breathing really shallowly…I was like hyperventilating and crying and I kept saying, 'You got the wrong person." — Cristin Milioti 

You might have heard the 'ten thousand hours' rule -- Malcolm Gladwell's idea that it takes ten thousand hours to become really good at something. When actor Cristin Milioti decided she wanted the role of "Girl" in the musical "Once", she needed to learn piano. Problem was, she didn't have ten thousand hours. She had ten days.

She talks about her journey on Pitch. A storytelling podcast that gets at the intimate details of our relationship with music. 

From the Podcast Pitch this is the story "Piano Player".

The Mortified Podcast

​"We also summoned the Goddess by singing a PJ Harvey song. That was something the ancient Pagans definitely didn't do." — Brooke, on The Mortified Podcast

The path to discovering who we really are can be a rocky one. Sometimes we have to try on a few different personas before we find one that truly represents us. Our next story is all about that.

From The Mortified Podcast, Brooke reads from her teenage diary in front of a live audience in Brooklyn, New York.

Reply All

"It gets really exciting. I know that probably sounds a little silly. But, when you actually get someone to do what you're wanting them to do. Or else it goes a completely different way. It's exhilarating." — Mistress Morgan, on Reply All

This story from Reply All is about an impersonation that really pushes the limits of weird. PJ Vogt  and Alex Goldman are the team behind Reply All. Here they are with a story that leaves you wondering, when it comes to faking your identity…how far is too far?

Geeks & Beats

"At the time that Johnny Marr and Morrissey were still in short pants there was a band called: The Smiths." — Michael Hainsworth, on Geeks & Beats.

Geeks & Beats is a podcast from tech reporter Michael Hainsworth and rock radio guru Alan Cross. Michael handles the geek side, Alan handles the beat side. 

In this episode of Geeks and Beats: musical imposters! Bands whose names were already taken…

The Gist

"Even hearing you and your relationship with Obama, I'm like: That is SO not my relationship with Selina." — Tony Hale

The Gist with Mike Pesca covers a wide variety of current news and issues. In this episode, Pesca speaks with both a real and imposter "body man."  A "body man" is a personal aide to a political leader or celebrity. Actor Tony Hale plays the body man to the character Vice President Selina Myers on HBO's acclaimed comedy series Veep. Meanwhile, Reggie Love is the real deal. He's the bodyman for US President Barack Obama. In this episode, the real and the fake body men discuss the behind the scenes of their roles.

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