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Episode 18: The Halloween special

Halloween isn't just for the kids. This week, Podcast Playlist brings you an array of terrifying tales and spooky stories to help you celebrate the creepiest time of the year.

Halloween isn't just for the kids. This week, Podcast Playlist brings you an array of terrifying tales and spooky stories to help you celebrate the creepiest time of the year. 

This week on Podcast Playlist we bring you six podcasts that are much better than candy corn – or anything else you'd get from trick or treating.  

Rain City Chronicles 

"The next day I knew, I was going to have to figure this out, and solve this problem before nightfall. It was too scary."

— Melanie Rae

The Rain City Chronicles podcast is created from a live storytelling event in Vancouver. At each event, story tellers are given a theme. The theme of this episode was "Das Lexikon". Participants were each given a German word, and told to tell a true story that was inspired by it. This storyteller's word? Poltergeist.

In this episode you'll find Melanie's story, along with a few others.

Love + Radio

"I wanted to have a house full of fun loving guests because it seems like nothing bad happens to houses full of people having fun." — Hans Anderson

Love + Radio shares an eclectic mix of stories and interviews on their podcast. You'll laugh, cry and in this episode you might be running for the door. The story from Hans Anderson might be possibly the scariest story you've ever heard. It might even be the scariest story that has ever been aired on a podcast...

Stuff You Missed in History Class

"In the early 1920s it was even marketed with a campaign to give candy away to the elderly and orphans – so the "candy needy." It was a manufactured holiday to boost profits for candy companies." — Tracy V. Wilson

After listening to Love + Radio's Ghost Stories you're gonna need a palette cleanser. In this episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class hosts Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey explain the history of Halloween candy. Did you know that in the early days of trick-­or-treating, Halloween candy was competing with cereal and Kool­Aid to be the hand­out of choice? One of the many fun facts covered in the show.


"Yeah I've got a ghost story for you all right…You know, it's not a story tiger. You're stepping in the land of non-fiction now. Cross my heart and hope to die. What I tells you is true as that glass o'beer." — Excerpt from "Pretty Weird S***, By Miles O'Neil

Radiotonic offers a little bit of everything: Fiction, non-fiction, essays and audio dramas. In this episode, Miles O'Neil – a PhD student studying American Gothic meets a stranger in a bar with a spooky story to tell. 

Also, worth noting there's some strong language in this podcast.


​"Convinced that they'd heard the sounds of hell, many of the scientists quit the job site immediately...or so the story goes." — Brian Dunning

From Skeptoid, we have Brian Dunning with the story of The Siberian Hell Sounds. Skeptioid is a weekly podcast dedicated debunking myths, pseudo science and unfounded claims. This episode explains the tale of The Siberian Hell Sounds. In 1989, Russian scientists in Siberia had drilled deep into the Earth's crust. The drill broke through into a cavity, and the scientists lowered some equipment inside to investigate. Inside the cavity they recorded a terrifying, microphone melting sound. A scary story, but is it real? Dunning discusses the idea that the public may prefer to believe an urban legend rather than question it, because it's just more fun.

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