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Earth Day: 5 podcasts that are good for the environment - episode 42

From musical oceanographers to climate conscious children, we're recommending 100% all natural podcasts certified to make the world better.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, we've got a line up of stories from the natural world.

1. Anxious Machine

"Looking at the pictures of all the possible cabins and all the possible lakes made me wonder about this particular American middle class ritual, of going into the wilderness for vacation."  — Rob McGinley on Anxious Machine

A father reflects on his family's summer vacation and humanity's connection with the great outdoors.

2. The Glass and Bead Game

​"It's difficult to be a fully rounded human being unless you have some idea of the natural world of which you're a part." — David Attenborough, on The Glass and Bead Game

Legendary broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, explains why natural history programs will always remain popular.

3. Memory Palace

"There's a whale right now who may have escaped a Nantucketer's harpoon in 1850..." — Nate DiMeo, on Memory Palace

A powerful story about an Arctic Bowhead Whale and the things it might have encountered throughout its 200 year life span.

4. Off Track

"How do you tell the story of the ocean in music?" — Ann Joneson Off Track

What does a symphony for the sea sound like? Two oceanographers and one conductor come together to create truly original music.

5. The Adaptors

"Don't you think it's kind of amazing and bizarre to hear kids who are way more knowledgeable and engaged on this issue [climate change] than most of us adults?" — Host Flora Lichtman, on The Adaptors

Two eleven year old friends from Oregon share why they started a climate change blog, Two Green Leaves, and how they intend on making a difference.

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