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Celebrating music with the Arkells' Max Kerman

From rap battles on the internet, to a graphic novel created for an album — here are podcasts all about music. Special guest Max Kerman from Arkells joins us to talk about his love for podcasts and Canadian music.
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This week, a repeat of one of our favourite episodes from March 2018.

Max Kerman from Arkells joins us in studio. This episode is a celebration of music, with podcasts that feature just that. As a musician, avid podcast fan and podcast producer himself, Max seemed like the perfect person to co-host the show. So, in that spirit, here's Max's picks: 
 "I have a rotation of about ten. I love The Axe Files, with David Axelrod. That's probably my favourite long-form interview show. For my own podcast, I steal a lot of his tricks."

"[When the band is touring] we'll put on something we can argue about...I love the Slate Political Gabfest. I love Fresh Air...to have something to talk about really passes the time."

"I listen to one music podcast. I highly recommend it to anybody who's interested in the creative process. Song Exploder. Each episode features one artist [who] breaks down how they wrote one song. They've had the biggest artists on the planet. From Metallica, to St. Vincent to The Killers. Norah Jones. Wilco. For me, as someone who's also a songwriter...you realise this isn't some mythical process. It's all very human and very inspiring in that way. If you're ever in a rut, and you're a songwriter, just listen to Song Exploder and you'll realise it doesn't have to be that complicated."

"I love The Gist with Mike Pesca."

"The Lowe Post. If you're into basketball, Zach Lowe is the best sports writer."

"I love The Tony Kornheiser Show. [He's] sorta like the Larry David of sports analysis. His show is really fun because, he just has his friends who he worked with at The Washington Post on the show. So, the chemistry is great. It's like they're at the coffee shop talking to each other." 

Max's show Mike on Muchnow has over 90 episodes. They've talked to everyone from Lena Waithe to Chris Hadfield to Camila Cabello. You can find Max on Twitter. Plus, more from Arkells here.

Kate Evans, Producer, Podcast Playlist.

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