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Bathtub vodka and red wine myths: podcasts about alcohol

The first instalment in our two part series about recreational substances. We’ve got a flight of podcasts about everything from why the news media constantly reports on the supposed benefits...or dangers of red wine -- To the story of a hatchet wielding Temperance crusader, who smashed bottles across the nation.
A couple buy a drink at the bar at the 'Prohibition' 1920's themed night in London, England. While Prohibition is a thing of the past, these podcasts about alcohol are decidedly up to date. ( (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images))
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This week, the first instalment in our two part series about recreational substances. Next week: weed!

After listening to the Bathtub vodka episode of The Sporkful (a co-pro with NPR's Planet Money) I couldn't stop talking about the alcohol industry's most bland offering. Did you know you can make vodka out of almost anything? Even a KitKat? Did you know Grey Goose was invented by a Connecticut-born college dropout in the 90s? This episode is chock-full of interesting facts about a very uninteresting beverage. After listening I was convinced I could start my own vodka empire despite the lack of any expertise whatsoever. The episode starts with a simple enough conceit: can you be allergic to cheap vodka? But it goes to some very interesting places. This episode is a must hear. 

- Kate Evans, Producer

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