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Matt Galloway

Matt Galloway is the host of Metro Morning on CBC Radio One, 99.1 FM, the top rated morning radio program in Toronto.

He has been working at CBC Radio for more than 10 years. He has also anchored CBC Radio's coverage of the 2008 Summer Olympics live from Beijing, the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the 2014 Winter Olympics live from Sochi, and the 2010 FIFA World Cup. For 4 consecutive years, he was voted Top Radio Personality in Toronto by the readers and editors of NOW Magazine. He was also named a Toronto Hero of 2011 by Torontoist, and a Mensch of the Year for 2011 by The Grid magazine.

Matt is a keen cyclist, burgeoning runner, voracious reader, proud Torontonian and messy cook. He lives in the west end of Toronto with his wife and their two daughters.

Lindsay Michael

Lindsay Michael is the co-host and senior producer of Podcast Playlist.

An audio nerd from Canada's smallest province, Lindsay's been working in public radio for more than 10 years. Her work focuses on creative audio, and has been awarded a New York Festivals' Gold Medal, a national RTNDA award and has frequently been featured at the International Feature Conference. 

She created and produced the CBC Radio documentary series Subcultures and has also worked on The Sunday Edition, Q, and Outfront.

Lindsay is a trained opera singer and is the artistic director of the experimental opera company Liederwolfe. She also likes birdwatching, pop-culture internet trends, and Canadian indie music.


Kate Evans


Kate comes to the CBC from the world of commercial radio (Indie88, CHUMFM). She also co-hosted and produced Toronto's longest running sexuality radio show , Sex City. Her work was awarded a New York Festivals' Bronze Medal in 2017 for an episode of radio glorifying the 90s.

While most of her time is spent listening to, talking about, thinking of and making podcasts, Kate also enjoys talking about her new gym routine/cleanse/weird diet and obsessing about what to bake for the next holiday gathering. If you want to be her friend, ask her about how many times she's seen Weezer.

Julian Uzielli 


Julian is an Associate Producer at Podcast Playlist. He previously worked at other CBC Radio programs including As It Happens, The Current and Tapestry.

When he's not making radio he can probably be found riding a bicycle or in the woods somewhere. 


Phil Leung


Phil is a writer / director who loves to tell stories that matter. Whether its 3 minutes or 3 hours he believes there is a format for every story we wish to tell. His work for the CBC has appeared on Because News, Podcast Playlist, Exhibitionists, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and Metro Morning. If you ask him about Kanye, prepare for a complex and lengthy conversation.


Arif Noorani