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There are now close to two million podcasts in the world - a number that grows everyday. On Podcast Playlist we curate fresh, exciting and thoughtful stories to help you unearth new podcasts to add to your rotation. From true crime to comedy, from current affairs to audio fiction and everything in between. Each week we take you on a journey with lots of discoveries along the way.

As the first and longest running podcast curation show in the world we've worked with the biggest names in the podcast industry: Glynn Washington, Rainn Wilson, Anna Sale, Nate DiMeo, Nick Quah, Phoebe Judge, Roman Mars, Sean Rameswaram, Latif Nasser, Dan Savage, W. Kamau Bell, Lainey Lui, Hrishikesh Hirway, Aisha Tyler, Jamie Loftus, Shan Boodram, Wendy Zuckerman, David Ridgen, Kaitlin Prest...and many more. We air nationally across Canada and in the United States on PRX.

We also pride ourselves on searching far and wide for talented independent producers to shine a light on their work. We've featured such indie podcast as: SaskScapes, Oologies, Wild Thing, Dungeons & Daddies, You're Wrong About, Maintainance Phase, Métis in Space, Drilled and more! 


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Leah-Simone Bowen

Leah-Simone Bowen is the co-host and creator of CBC Podcasts' The Secret Life of Canada with Falen Johnson. The irreverent history podcast debuted in August 2017 and immediately rose to the top of the iTunes charts. In 2019, it would become the first independently created show to be picked up by CBC podcasts.  In September 2021, Leah became the new host of Podcast Playlist. In addition to her work in podcasting, she is a playwright, producer and director who has worked across Canada and the US.

Follow Leah on Twitter: @leahsimonebowen


Kate Evans


Kate Evans comes to the CBC from the world of commercial radio (Indie88, CHUM). Her work was awarded a New York Festivals' Bronze Medal in 2017 for an hour of radio that glorified the 90s.

In addition to her work at the CBC she is an adjunct professor for the Humber College Radio and Media Production postgraduate program.

When she's not obsessively listening to podcasts you can find her behind a book, making coffee or outside enjoying the fresh air.


Julian Uzielli 


Julian is an Associate Producer at Podcast Playlist. He previously worked at other CBC Radio programs including As It Happens, The Current and Tapestry.

When he's not making radio he can probably be found riding a bicycle or in the woods somewhere.

Kelsey Cueva

Kelsey has always loved sound, but never expected to fall in love with podcasts. After interning at SiriusXM Canada and CBC Radio, she eventually found herself at Podcast Playlist. She's also transcribed for programs like The Current and a handful of CBC Podcasts.

Kelsey is also the Station Manager of SpiritLive – the RTA School of Media's online broadcast station at Ryerson University. While getting her undergraduate degree she co-hosted and produced a TARA-award-winning radio show and was the sound mixer on her thesis film which is currently running the festival circuit.

In her spare time Kelsey loves writing and making music. In her actual spare time, she enjoys baking, binge-watching new Netflix shows and scrolling through Instagram for quality memes.


Cesil Fernandes


Cesil joined CBC Podcasts in its early days in 2015, and has helped it to grow into the internationally renowned studio it is today. He was creator and producer on Back Story, one of the very first originals from CBC Podcasts. Since then he's gone on to work on a number of acclaimed series, including The Village, Hunting Warhead and all six seasons of Someone Knows Something. Cesil specializes in sound design, helping to elevate our series to world-class levels, as well as field gathering. He also oversees CBC Podcasts' cross promo file, helping to reach new audiences through promotions on series done by NPR, BBC, WNYC, Wondery, Gimlet, Pineapple Street, ABC Australia, and iHeart.