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9 Film podcasts to prep you for Oscar Night

From the first black woman to win an Oscar to the history behind the shiny golden idol, hear stories about the most prestigious film award.
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It's that time of year again: awards season. But with #oscarssowhite and #metoo, we're beginning to expect actors to have a lot more to say on the red carpet. It's not enough right now to only speak about the work and the fashion. We are holding our actors to a higher standard, and expecting them to take a stand against sexism, racism and assault within the film industry. Since the Harvey Weinstein allegations came out in the fall, we've been watching some actors struggle with how to discuss these issues within the industry. In this episode of Little Gold Mena podcast from Vanity Fair, we hear from journalists who cover awards season. They dig into the challenges getting actors to open up. Movie stars tend to stick to a "message", or maybe even rely on the same anecdotes when doing press junkets. I loved hearing journalists discuss how they attempt to find unique stories, and also which actors have thrived while doing the awards circuit in the wake of #timesup. Little Gold Men is my pick of the week. 

- Kate Evans, Producer, Podcast Playlist.

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