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7 Music podcasts to make your commute tolerable

Your commute will never be boring again.
This week we shared an episode with podcasts that got inside the minds of musicians. (Sam Martin/CBC)

This week we shared an episode with podcasts that got inside the minds of musicians. Here are 6 more podcasts to keep your toes tapping.

1. Kreative Kontrol

​Recommended Episode: Ep. #256 - Daniel Romano

A veteran broadcaster and musician, Vish Khanna is arguably one of Canada's best music journalists. Guided by his thoughtful and sensitive questions, Kreative Kontrol is a compelling listen. It's the perfect platform to get to know your favourite, but often underappreciated, artists. Kreative Kontrol goes above and beyond minimum CANCON requirements, featuring the best of what the nation has to offer musically.

While most episodes are based around long-form interviews, Vish keeps things fresh with his on-going live talk show Long Night with Vish Khanna and has produced several oral-history-style documentaries. Do You Compute, his extensive and comprehensive documentary on Drive Like Jehu, could be the best audio rock doc ever made.

We also featured Kreative Kontrol in our episode On Music. Listen here.  

2. Turned Out A Punk

Recommended Episode: Ep. #67 - Steve Sladowski (PUP)

Each week Damian Abraham, front man of Toronto punk legends F--ked Up, interviews a different person about their love of punk rock. The result is an illuminating (sometimes nerdy) and extensive look at the history of punk. The glue of the show is Abraham's genuine interest in his guests and his excitement about the stories they tell.

If deep conversations with guests aren't enough, each episode is dissected further on Turned Out a Punk Footnotes with Abraham and his co-host Chris O'Toole. In addition to talking about the latest episode, they tackle important topics such as all-time great punk compilations and essential departure records.

3. The Faculty

Recommended Episode: Episode 8 (Feat. Bishop Brigante)

The Faculty is a new-ish podcast based out of Toronto and hosted by Jonathan "Bizz" Brown and Shane Stirling. While they do touch on a variety of topics, the shining star of The Faculty is the discussion of Toronto's hip-hop scene. Brown and Stirling use their industry connections and knowledge to take listeners behind the wizard's curtain and reveal major music industry secrets. Some episodes feature guests, one of the most notable being Drake's personal chef, Chef Merch.

4. Punknews Podcast

Recommended Episode: Episode #307 - Coffee and Butts

While Punknews.org is technically based in the States, their managing editor, Adam White is based in Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side). This podcast is a weekly report of punk-centric news including stories of the week and album reviews. Plus, you're sure to find some great Canadian punk artists here. White often acts as host and does a great job of sticking up for the little guys north of the border. 

5. Millions Like Us

Recommended Episode: Episode 19

Millions Like Us is a Vancouver-based, mixtape-style podcast focusing on local acts as well as artists who are on their way through town. It's hosted by Barry Gruff and Justin Beats, who curate the list and intro every song. While the production is nothing fancy, it's an incredible resource for discovering new music, and for locals to get a sense of where to best spend your show-going dollars.

6. Lead Singer Syndrome

Recommended Episode: Episode #12 - Spencer Chamberlain (Underoath, Sleepwave)

Host Shane Told is the lead singer of Silverstein, a mainstay of Canadian screamo. The podcast features conversations with front and centre artists about life on the road and the strange world of being a lead singer. Considering all the guests are very comfortable with the spotlight there's no shortage of engaging conversation and interesting anecdotes. While the podcast mainly features American musicians, Told is based in Toronto and does occasionally talk to some Canucks, like Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan and Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven.  

7. Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia Podcast

Recommended Episode: Episode 9 

If you've ever travelled to Nova Scotia you know it's home to an incredible music scene. Back Home celebrates East Coast music with interviews from well established as well as emerging artists. Host Dana Beeler has a great sense of humour and really brings out the best of the bands she sits down with. Along with interviews, you'll hear some great tracks, including live performances, and surely walk away from each episode with a new favourite band.

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