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6 Saucy podcasts on Shakespeare

You will be shocked just how many great podcasts there are about The Bard.
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We celebrate the most prolific, controversial, and creative writer in English history.

This is our all Shakespeare episode. We celebrate the most prolific, controversial, and creative writer in English history. 53:59

1. Shakespeare Unlimited

"[It's] the only place where you could discuss a woman having power... you put it up on stage and it makes it fine and acceptable."  — Holly Twyford, on Actresses on Shakespeare

In Shakespeare's time, only men appeared on stage. Now hear from well known actresses talk about today's gender reversal of roles.

2. Studio 360

"In terms of going to see a Shakespeare play, [knowing the original pronunciation] completely turns everything on it's head." — Ben Crystal, on Olivier Had it Wrong: Shakespeare's Original Pronunciation

Every Shakespeare play you've heard is wrong. Listen to a recreation of what a Shakespeare play probably sounded like over 400 years ago.

3. Our Fake History

"The other main candidate for the authorship of the plays is Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford." — Sebastian Major, on Did Shakespeare Write the Plays?

What do Helen Keller, Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain and Malcolm X have in common? They all believed Shakespeare was a fraud, and this podcast explains why.

4. Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period

"It's post Malcolm X and the moment he's on screen you're like, 'It's Denzel!'" — W. Kamau Bell, on Much Ado About Nothing

Two-time Grammy winner, Corey Glover, recalls what it's like to watch the first Shakespeare movie cast in a "race neutral" manner.

5. Kind World

"King Lear, all through the play, is described as mad. I thought, 'I don't think he's mad. I think he's grieving.'" — Barb Cone, on That Way Madness Lies

What might have been a typical production of King Lear ended up having tremendous significance to one woman in the audience.

6. No Holds Bard

"I think this could be a good chance for people who don't like baseball, to get to know baseball through a Shakespearean lens... as they should." — Dan Beaulieu, on Shakespeare League Baseball

Podcast hosts, Dan and Kevin, choose their fantasy baseball team out of characters from Shakespeare's canon.

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