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6 Quenching podcasts on water

From white water rapids to pirates, this episode is all about the H2O.
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We dive deep into the sea of stories that deal with water. 

1. The Tumble Podcast

"They were dropping down through the pitch dark seeing nothing but some very rare streaks of glowing plankton, they were deeper than anyone had ever been before."  — Lindsay Patterson, on The Journey to the Deepest Part of the Ocean with Gaelin Rosenwaks

An ocean scientist shares the amazing story of the first explorers to dive down to a mysterious place called Challenger Deep. This is a journey that forever changed the way we understand the ocean.

2. Generation Anthropocene

"Tonight, there are stories about mishaps in space, maritime disasters, the world's largest accidental explosion, and a group of rubber ducks." — Miles Traer, onWhat Our Garbage Can Teach Us

Following an accident on board a container ship, rubber ducks began washing up on shore. A team of researchers leapt into action and used the toys to track global ocean currents.

3. The Dirtbag Diaries

"At some point above a rapid, you look at it, look at it, look at it, and then you just get in your boat and row to where you think you need to be...and then you're committed." — Eric Johnson, on A Slosh in the Bucket

A high school teacher empties his retirement account to buy a raft and attempt an impossible challenge... from someone else's bucket list.

4. Cargoland

"He looks like he's been on the water his whole life. He's lean and he's tan, and he has these deep wrinkles. He was like this mythic guy from the waterfront." — Lu Olkowski, on Johnny O: The Pirate's Story

Despite having a dangerous jobs at the port, an 68-year-old linesman continues to use rope to secure ships to the docks.

5. Nocturne

"When you swim at night it's kind of like the world collapses around you, you don't have the sky that's limitless, you don't have the water where you can see way below, at the same time you have to have a heightened sense of awareness to keep swimming." — Lynne Cox, on To a Distant Continent

Legendary long distance swimmer Lynne Cox recalls what it's like to swim at night.

6. Stories From The Land

"We start paddling towards the swan and prayer rock and no sooner than we'd taken a few strokes, I'm taking a closer look at this swan and I say 'That's no swan, that's a polar bear!'" — Riel Carriere on his family's canoe trip

A canoe trip in Northern Manitoba gets scary when a polar bear decides to show up.

7. This Week I Learned

"Next time you swim out into the open of the ocean, you can have a little piece of mind and know not all sharks are as bold as Jaws.'" — Lauren Hansen, on This week I learned some sharks are shy, and more

Host Lauren Hansen relates a recent study that says not all sharks are aggressive and scary -- in fact, some are downright shy.

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