6 political podcasts that will get your vote

We dive into the strange and complex reasons behind why people support the candidates they do.
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Today on Podcast Playlist, we get personal... and political.  

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We get personal... and political. We dive into the strange and complex reasons behind why people support the candidates they do. 53:59

1. Millennial

"What if I put all this time and energy into it and I am just completely, totally, publicly ridiculed?"  — Ben Chin, on I Never Talk About Politics

What happens when an Asian-American millennial decides to run for mayor in one of the whitest states in America? Politics get ugly.

2. Bandwagon

"We're on a journey with Bernie..."  — Ruth Witherspoon, on Hear The Bern 

At 93 years old, Ruth Witherspoon joins the growing number of artists who create original music for their favourite politician.

3. Mortified

"I am so glad Evan is for Bush. In English he said 'Bush!' and we smiled at each other." — Arianna Scott, on Kids On The Campaign Trail

Despite her parents being sworn Democrats, 11-year old Arianna was a dedicated Republican -- thanks to her love for Family Ties' Alex P Keaton, and her school crush.

4. Slate's Trumpcast

"None of the candidates are acceptable." — Hanna Rosin's mom, on My Mom's Voting For Him

Prominent author and podcaster, Hanna Rosin, calls her mother to ask why she's voting for Trump.

5. The Strategists

"If you have this situation where you want this person to resign... is family ultimately the only one you can go off of with?" — Zain Velji, on Family is a Euphemism

Political strategists discuss the fallout and planning involved around resigning from office to spend time with your family.

6. Us & Them

"I'm guilty of seeing Darth Vader sometimes when I come across people whose views I don't agree with." — Trey Kay, on Enemies

An in-depth conversation about how to communicate across partisan lines. Plus, an interview with Adam Laats, writer of the blog, "I Love You but You're Going to Hell."

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