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6 Comforting podcasts on family

Teach pets how to handle newborn babies or grow up amongst a tribe of travelling salespeople. This week's episode is all about family.
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Six podcasts to remind us where we came from.

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Teach pets how to handle newborn babies or grow up amongst a tribe of travelling salespeople. This week's episode is all about family. Israel Story, Arrvls, Colour Code, Not By Accident, Can I Pet Your Dog, Heavyweight. 54:49

1. Israel Story

"Do you think there's any connection between the fact that we're all so close, and talk so often... that those amongst us that did get married, got married kinda late in life?" — Host Mishy Harman on his family.

A tightly knit family wonders if their rituals of communication, such as calling one another multiple times a day, borders on healthy or downright crazy. 

2. Arrvls

"The pitchmen would all be on their little stages... and they're speaking a mile a minute into their wireless microphones and everyone's laughing. I loved it." — Sarah Barrett on growing up with travelling salespeople.

What's it like grow up in a family of travelling salespeople? Sarah Barrett provides her personal account of growing up amongst Canada's finest pitchmen.

3. Colour Code

"My mom's white, my dad's black, but I didn't grow up in a mixed race household." — Producer Sherrill Sutherland on her unique upbringing.

The number of mixed race relationships is growing in Canada. How do families negotiate race in the most intimate setting of all — at home, with the ones you love?

4. Not By Accident

"I lay still for 15 minutes while they settled in. I tried not to think how icky it was to have a stranger's semen in my body." — Sophie Harper on artificial insemination.

A raw and detailed account of becoming a single mother by choice, not by accident. Plus, find an article written by Sophie about being a single mom, from our friends at The Doc Project.

5. Can I Pet Your Dog

"She finds every excuse to sniff where the baby has just been." — Travis McElroy on his cat.

After his daughter was born, podcaster Travis McElroy realizes the most difficult family members who resist change are his pets.

6. Heavyweight

"Nicholas loved Natalie and related to her and Tony as a unit. So when that unit split up, Tony couldn't bring himself to visit Nicholas and his mom. It reminded him too much of Natalie." — Jonathan Goldstein on the challenges of godparenthood

Childless and single in his late forties, Tony makes it his mission to win back the godchildren he's lost touch with along the way.

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