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6 Beautiful podcasts on illustration

From acclaimed animators to crime stopping forensic artists, we share stories all about visuals.
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We make the audio visual with stories about comics, cartoons, and illustration. 

1. Imaginary Worlds

"How did a man who, in the 70s, was often called the next Walt Disney end up as the Don Quixote of the animation world?"  — Eric Molinsky, on The Greatest Cartoon Almost Made

A renowned animator spent three decades trying to make the perfect movie you've probably never heard of, starring Matthew Broderick and Toni Collette.

2. Nerdist

"It's all about the acting -- it doesn't matter if you can do a thousand voices, if you can't act, you might be fun at a party, but whether you can have a career -- I don't know." — Andrea Romano, on Nerdist Podcast: Andrea Romano

Casting director of the beloved Animaniacs and Batman: The Animated Series shares what it takes to become a great voice actor for cartoons.

3. Cavern of Secrets

"Illustration was for dorks... so now to see it become a 'glamorous' profession is so strange to me." — Jillian Tamaki, on Featuring Jillian Tamaki

With clients that include The New Yorker, Marvel, and National Geographic, a successful Canadian illustrator reflects on the creative differences between Canada and United States.

4. Everything is Stories

"The way I handle witnesses is, I feel what people feel, I've always been like that." — Lois Gibson, on Anything for a Witness

Hear the process behind the most successful forensic artist in the world, with over 1,200 solved cases to her name.

5. Half Hour Intern

"Sometimes in order to fix or heal or move past it, sometimes being able to use another non-verbal form, I think is what a lot of people use tattoos for." — Amy Black, on Mastectomy Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist uses her talents to help breast cancer survivors look in the mirror again.

6. Beautiful / Anonymous

"Are New Yorker cartoons funny?" — Chris Gethard, on The Illustrator

Comedian Chris Gethard interviews strangers until they hang up on him. In this episode, a struggling illustrator confesses his career stalled in New York City.

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