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5 revealing podcasts on secrets

Hear what it's like to cheat on your partner and other stories best kept behind closed doors.
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From secret lovers to secret recipes, we have stories about things you shouldn't know.

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1. The Splendid Table

"I'm going to start with a very simple question for you: what is great service?"  — Francis Lam, on The Secrets of Service

Co-owner of acclaimed New York eatery, Eleven Madison Park, reveals what keeps his customers coming back -- which sometimes includes personalized bocce balls.

2. The Secret Room Podcast

"I used to work for the intelligence business as a contractor for a number of 3 letter agencies."  — Michael, on National Secrets/Whisper Gallery

A former government spy reveals what goes on in his brain when listening to the arms dealer he would eventually send to prison.

3. The Lapse

"My friends had one. They got it from another train rider they met. And mostly they end up being copies of copies of copies." — Becka Vees, on Crew Change

Learn about The Crew Change, a super secret guide shared amongst drifters that exposes when, where, and how to catch a free train ride without getting caught.

4. Cracked

"There's this currency that powerful people can use and dangle over the heads of less powerful." — Jack O`Brien, on Secrets That Created the World

Three Cracked editors dissect a number of ridiculous earth shattering secrets from President James Buchanan`s confessional to the KGB's bogus 'nuclear winter.'

5. Death, Sex and Money

"Having an affair seems like such a big decision. Of course its really a series of small choices." — Anna Sale, on Cheating Happens

Intimate stories from those who cheated on their spouse and how they got there in the first place.

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