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5 Podcasts about the love of the game

In this episode we're your podcast playbook. Hear five great episodes about the love of sports, and some of the amazing people who play them.
B.C. Lions punter/kicker Richie Leone was a CFL West Division all-star the past two seasons. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press)

Five podcasts about the love of the game.


Five podcasts about the love of the game. Sift, CBC's Off Guard, The Season, Seriously, Surprisingly Awesome. 54:04

1. Sift

"To know that I had that in me, to go that far, it felt really good." — Jordan Wirfs-Brock on her love of ultrarunning

Why is it some people dread running while others get addicted to getting a "runner's high?" Ultrarunner Jordan Wirfs-Brock shares her personal experiences. Plus, experts in physiology and medicine offer their explanations.

2. Off Guard

"I believe that the chirp is an art form."Gary Edwards, hockey school operator

Trash talk, smack, jawboning... in the world of sports it's known as a "chirp." Host Perdita Felicien questions the power of a stadium-wide 'BOO!' and hears the worst chirping from parental yaps, plus a few vintage NHL wisecracks.

3. The Season

"Where was it written that you guys can't win?" — Al Bagnoli, head coach of the Columbia Lions football team

It's the classic comeback story, it just hasn't happened yet. The Columbia University Lions football team hadn't won a single game in two seasons. They were down and out, and desperate for a win, and that's where this episode of The Season picks up the story. 

4. Seriously…​

"The typical age of a retiring dancer is 35 and it's something that dancers don't want to think about."Isabel Mortimer, Director of Coaching at the Dancers' Career Development

As the saying goes, "a dancer dies twice." Find out why the first time a dancer gives up the stage can be so devastating in this documentary about what happens when an instrument as finely tuned as a dancer's body begins to change with age.

5. Surprisingly Awesome

"It's a weird thing to say that my interest in hockey of any kind was inspired by good design." Comedian and non-sports fan John Hodgman

For your average hockey fan, a team's logo might not mean very much. It's on the jersey and it's on the advertising, but it's secondary to the game. But Surprisingly Awesome guest host John Hodgman isn't your average hockey fan. It's the team logo that keeps him engaged, and in this episode he shares why.

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