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5 mind-blowing podcasts about the internet - episode 46

From indie pornography to crowdsourcing detectives, we have stories about how the internet changes our world.
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Today on Podcast Playlist, stories about the "weird wide world" of the internet.  

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This week: Weird internet stories. Featuring: Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer, Codebreaker, Hacked, Snap Judgment. PLUS, Lindsay Michael interviews Snap Judgment's Glynn Washington on how growing up in a cult made him a better storyteller. 45:25

1. Buzzfeed's Internet Explorer

"[Lucia Cole] flew too close to the sun and she messed with the Ariana Grande fans."  — Katie Notopoulos, on How A Teen Uncovered The Internet's Weirdest Catfish

A new pop star climbs the charts on Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes, having been endorsed by the likes of Shaquille O'Neal and 64,000 Twitter followers. The only problem? She's not real.

2. Life of the Law

"Redditors started naming names. Drawing conclusions after hours of listening to police scanners."  — Brit Hanson on what happened after the Boston Marathon bombing, in Drag.net 

We live in an age of crowdsourced law enforcement, where amateur sleuths can crack or ruin cases simply by being armed with their own laptops.

3. Codebreaker

"You don't fix something by walking away from it. So, I'll just keep trying." — Stoya, on Internet Porn: Is it Evil?

The surprisingly complicated story behind pornography aggregate sites.

4. Hacked

"Once you've got access to someone's e-mail, you have access to all their accounts." — Scott Francis Winder, on The Problem with Passwords

The best practices behind creating a unique internet password and why it is crucially important to our wellbeing.

5. Snap Judgment

"The two things she can't live without are her boys and her bagels. Don't ask which comes first." - Josh Healey, on How To Help Your Mother Set Up Her Profile On JDate

An award-winning performer shares a heartfelt, humorous story about what it's like to help his mom start dating again.

Plus - Lindsay Michael interviews host Glynn Washington on how growing up in a cult made him a better storyteller. Listen here.

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