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5 Insightful podcasts about animals - episode 37

This week, we share stories from our non-human friends.
(AP Photo/The Houston Chronicle, Julio Cortez)

Whether you're a devoted pet owner or in a constant battle with garbage-stealing raccoons, the following podcasts will help you understand the creatures we share this planet with.

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1. Criminal

"Naturally, as handlers you get bonded to these dogs. They're like family."  — Corporal Scott Foster, on Criminal

When his beloved K-9 partner retired from injuries, things get complicated for Corporal Scott Foster as he introduces a new police dog to the family.

2. BackStory with the American History Guys

​"Do attitudes towards animals lead to a broader change in how we deal with humans?" — Brian Balogh, on BackStory with the American History Guys

Historian Susan Pearson describes a time when Humane Society activists protected both animals and children during the Gilded Age.

3. Completely Optional Knowledge

"Why do we go, 'ooh' and 'ahhh' over this thing that doesn't even give a care and doesn't even do anything. It doesn't make any sense!" — Brooke Ziebell, on Completely Optional Knowledge

A research psychologist at Yale explains why humans react hysterically to adorable animals. Remember this?

4. Nordic Food Lab

"The fact that we like a certain species, means we will go to further lengths to protect it." — Anna Sigrithur, on Nordic Food Lab

What makes an animal too adorable to eat? Host Anna Sigrithur questions the preferential treatment we as humans have to different animals.

5. Modern Love: The Podcast

"I tap on the bowl in small applause, hoping this might initiate that affirming underwater ballet. But he remains still" — Jason Alexander reads Dan Barry`s essay, on Modern Love: The Podcast

A New York Times columnist falls into an existential crisis when coping with the demise of his daughter's pet fish.

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