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5 Frightening podcasts for fall

Hear about a prank that started an entire paranormal movement and how a D.I.Y. Freddy Krueger costume changed one man's life forever. Plus, three more chilling tales to get you into the Halloween spirit.
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Five podcasts that range from truly creepy to downright terrifying.

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Five podcasts that range from truly creepy to downright terrifying. Featuring, The Memory Palace, The Black Tapes, The Faculty of Horror, Risk!, No Sleep. 54:00

1. The Memory Palace

"Why wouldn't they want to believe that those they loved weren't gone? Soon people were holding seances like we hold dinner parties." — Nate DiMeo on the popularity of Spiritualism.

The birth of America's Spiritualist movement can be traced back to a quiet town in rural New York where two girls decided to play a prank on their superstitious mother.

2. The Black Tapes

​"I could hear her giggling...I walked to her room and she was standing on her bed facing the wall. She turned to me and she had this huge smile on her face." — Rebecca Yi, on her daughter's strange behaviour.

In this audio drama host Alex Regan investigates a tip about a mysterious child and the supernatural events that cause one mother to unravel.

3. The Faculty of Horror

"It was a scary time, people were going missing. So it's not a surprise that…he played on the fears of Canadians." — Alex West on David Cronenberg.

Three film buffs deconstruct Shivers, the feature film that launched the career of acclaimed horror director David Cronenberg. 

4. Risk!

"My dad said, 'All your friends look like superheroes going to a funeral.' I was a goth kid." — David Crabb on finding his place in high school.

At one special Halloween party, a teenage boy gets a taste of what it's like to be part of the popular crowd.

5. No Sleep

"Molly didn't care much for ink or piercings. But she did have one tattoo. A tiny keyhole. I always wondered about it." — From 'Molly Malone and her Keyhole Tattoo'

A man's curiosity about his wife's keyhole tattoo uncovers a secret that could destroy their marriage.

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