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5 Dreamy podcasts for the night - episode 41

Whether it's podcasts that keep us awake, or put us to sleep, we've got a show all about the night.

Don't fall asleep just yet, this episode is your perfect nightcap.

1. TED Radio Hour

"It just seemed to me that, up there, looking at those stars there was probably another little creature... seeing our sun in their sky as a star. And wondering what was out there."  — Jill Tarter on Ted Radio Hour

A renowned astronomer explains why she invests her career in search for extra-terrestrial life.

2. Nocturne

​"I've been living alone. Being a nomad. I put my stuff in storage and started wandering." — Caitlin Myer, on Nocturne

Writer Caitlin Myer describes why 3 A.M is the best time of day to go for a walk.

3. The Moth Radio Hour

"You couldn't doubt the fashion sense - a vampire was watching me eat a sandwich." — Matt Day on The Moth Radio Hour

Matt Day tells the story of his late-night fright, when he encounters a vampire in his story Fangs for the Memories

The Moth Radio Hour is produced by Atlantic Public Media and PRX. Hear more stories like this one on their podcast, The Moth.

4. SleepTalker 

"So because there was no recognizable start and finish to my day, I had difficulty gauging weeks and how time went by." — Insomnia patienton SleepTalker

Chloe describes her intense 5 month battle with insomnia. A period of her life when she wasn't sleeping at all.

5. Improbable Research

"The experiment involved people looking at pictures and trying to transmit those images, as if by magic, into the heads of strangers many miles away." — Host Marc Abrahams on Improbable Research

Members of the Grateful Dead participate in an academic experiment to determine whether humans can send telepathic messages through dreams.


Lindsay interviews Drew Ackerman about his podcast Sleep With Me - The Podcast That Puts You To Sleep.

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