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5 comforting podcasts about community

From buskers to landlords to drug dealers, meet the unlikely neighbours that make our society special.
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We dive into different communities to find out what makes them so unique.

1. HOME: Stories From L.A.

"I didn't move to L.A. I moved to The Carlotta"  — Sylvie Shain, on Ghosts of the Carlotta

Residents of the historic Villa Carlotta, once home to show business A-listers on Hollywood's Franklin Avenue, struggles to remain relevant in a gentrifying neighbourhood.

2. Someone Knows Something

"Mom and Dad don't believe in psychics themselves... but in moments like that, they grasp at any straws they can."  — Shontelle McNaughton, on Clyde Forks

In search of a missing boy, host David Ridgen follows a lead from two independent psychics that claim the boy was abducted and raised in Clyde Forks, a town not far from his home.

PLUS - Lindsay Michael sits down with David Ridgen to discuss how the podcast impacted his own community.

3. Question of the Day

"I would say: Tell me something I don't know about what you do [for a living]. It's like a magic wand." — Stephen Dubner, on How To Start Conversations With Strangers

From photographing people's tattoos to offering bags of pennies, hosts Stephen and James share strategies to help you get to know your neighbours.

4. Neighbors

"So now there's this mutually beneficial thing that happens when I play the tuba. People smile." — Joe Hunter, on The Tuba Man

A popular street musician explains why he plays the sousaphone inside one of Nashville's busiest tunnels.

5. The Intersection

"We do actually clean. But really, it's to meet our neighbours, who come out at the same time" — Kim Jackson, on Drugs

The complicated relationship between business owners and the open-air drug dealers, users and homeless people at the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.

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