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5 Catchy music podcasts that will get stuck in your head - episode 39

We've got a line up that digs deep into the language of song.
Peruse our music selections below. (AP Photo / Thomas Meyer)

Turn away casual audiophiles, this episode is for serious music listeners only.

Listen to the Canadian version:

We've got a line up that digs deep into the language of song. 53:59

1. Reasonably Sound

"At some point everything will come rushing back... 'the drop' will occur. But the question is when? And how? And that's the excitement of hearing that progression."  — Mike Rugnetta, on Reasonably Sound

You know that moment in dance music when it builds and builds and builds before the tension is finally relieved? SNL once made fun of it. It's called "the drop," and 90s rave aficionado Mike Rugnetta explains how it all comes together.

2. Between the Liner Notes

​"Ramón helped to coach him...to sing phonetically. Because he didn't really even know what he was saying." — Judy Cantor-Navas, describing Nat King Cole's first attempt at a Spanish language album on Between the Liner Notes

Before the National Government confiscated his business, Ramón Sabat once owned the largest indie label in Cuba, even recording Nat King Cole's first Spanish album.

3. Kreative Kontrol

"You can find crystals and cauldrons in town, but you can't find socks." — Cold Specks, on spending time writing her album in Glastonbury in Kreative Kontrol

Award winning singer-songwriter Cold Specks, reveals the inspiration behind her critically acclaimed sophomore albumNeuroplasticity.

4. Light in the Attic

"It wasn't depressing to us. In a lot of cases, playing those songs in that little room was one of the only things that made us feel better." — Eric Cabooron Light in the Attic

Producer Patrick McCarthy discovers a long lost record and decides to track down the talent behind this musical gem. Check out Songs from Suicide Bridge.

5. Sample Size 1

"I was bored so I ordered a bonus instrument track. A pennywhistle player. Yeah... I clearly have a problem." — Dave Hilowitz, on Sample Size 1

To re-record his song, musician Dave Hilowitz experiments with Fiverr, a website where instrumental services are offered for only 5 dollars.

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