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4 helpful podcasts that deal with mental health - episode 43

Hear what goes on inside the brain of a renowned comedian, an advice columnist and a bipolar musician.
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Today's stories are part of a conversation that, culturally, we have difficulty with: mental health

1. Raw Data

"Most teenagers prefer texting. That's one of the main reasons CTL (Crisis Text Line) was started in the first place."  — Leslie Chang, on Raw Data

A Chief Data Scientist explains the incredible insights that can be captured through crisis counseling text conversations.

2. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

​"It was such a long process, it was like a year. And, I've only started feeling better -- more like myself in the last 3 or 4 months." — Maria Bamford, on The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Famous comedian, Maria Bamford, talks about using her struggles with mental health as part of her stand-up act.

3. Call Your Girlfriend

"You have to have a really good memory of the bad times to do the job that I want to do." — Heather Havrilesky aka Ask Polly, on Call Your Girlfriend

The author behind New York Magazine's Ask Polly reveals what it takes to be a great advice columnist

4. Interesting Vancouver Presents

"Up to that point, the only time I had heard about [bipolar disorder] had been in movies, basically, to describe crazy people. And I didn't feel crazy." — Sarah Jickling, on Interesting Vancouver Presents

Singer, songwriter Sarah Jickling describes what it's like to be diagnosed bipolar and how it has affected everyone around her.

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