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4 Disturbing podcasts on true crime

If you thought Serial was good, then we have a line up for you.

This week, a repeat of one of our favourite episodes, from March 2016.

1. Detective

"Sometimes the perpetrator is just lucky. Not smart. Lucky." — Lieutenant Joe Kenda, on Detective from Investigation Discovery.

A storied lieutenant from Colorado Springs looks back at the cases that got away. Of 31 unsolved cases, he feels he knows who committed 17 of the crimes. 

2. Wish We Were Here

​"When you do an undercover assignment... if you can have them believe in you from the very first moment, you've got 'em." — Detective Ron Stallworth, on Wish We Were Here

Ron Stallworth was Colorado Springs' first African American detective. He tells the story of the time he went undercover with the KKK and accidentally revealed his real name.

3. The Docket

"Most people think that they're not free to walk away... they feel like they have to cooperate and both of those things are wrong." — Leo Russomanno, on The Docket Podcast

A prominent criminal lawyer in Ottawa explains the rights of citizens when carded by a police officer.

4. Someone Knows Something

"Frustratingly few details, such a simple chain of events leading up to a blooming catastrophe." — David Ridgen, on Someone Knows Something

Filmmaker David Ridgen unearths a mysterious cold case when he reexamines the sudden disappearance of a boy on a family fishing trip, 40 years ago.

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