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From elite hackers to how psychedelics can heal trauma: hot new podcasts for summer

7 Podcasts we can't wait to binge this summer.

The best podcasts of 2023 (so far)

We’re almost halfway through 2023 and it's already an exciting year for podcasts.

Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse of For Colored Nerds talk about the industry and share their favourite podcasts

Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse, hosts of For Colored Nerds, join us to talk about the return of their show, leaving Spotify, and to share their favourite podcasts.

Why As It Happens hosts Nil Köksal and Chris Howden don't listen to news podcasts

Nil and Chris stop by to talk about the podcasts they love, and how they stay sane working on a daily show.

Listener Picks: the best podcasts chosen by you!

Every week, we get submissions from listeners around the world, recommending their favourite podcasts. We recently checked some of them out, and what we found were some truly incredible stories.

Gavin Crawford makes Alzheimer's funny, plus the best new releases

May is here and with a new month comes new podcast releases.

Pop Culture podcasts to keep you current, plus: Why are TV recap shows so popular?

From an OG MC to the hit song that Seal never wanted to record.

A carefully curated podcast playlist courtesy of Factually! host, Adam Conover

The comedian on what it's like working with Barack Obama, his love for philosophy, and his go-to podcasts.

6 Podcasts to give you serious wanderlust

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next vacation, or simply looking for an escape, the stories you'll hear today can transport you to some exciting places.

The latest from Serial plus the hosts of Rehash on the internet's most overused words

Plus, one province's mission to eradicate rats and the story of how one woman reconciled her love of K-pop.

Ologies host Alie Ward on asking smart people silly questions

She’s also sharing her take on what makes a good science podcast, a series that covers the ins and outs of trees and why talking nerdy is actually pretty cool

Guest curator Jordan Heath Rawlings on how The Big Story podcast makes daily news personable

The host also shares several series that keep him engrossed

A crypto mogul's fall from grace, a hypnotist con-artist and one woman's revenge on dating app scammers

We’ve got stories about swindlers and scammers galore!

Meet the podcast host who's taking listeners Backstage at the Vinyl Cafe

Jess Milton shares her experiences working with iconic storyteller Stuart McLean and what it means to continue his legacy

Vinyl Cafe's Jess Milton on bringing back iconic stories, plus Morbid's Alaina and Ash talk Frozen Head

Plus a sneak peek into the new season of The Heart with Kaitlin and Natalie Prest.

Song Exploder host Hrishikesh Hirway on the rewards of facing the music

Plus, as our guest curator, he shares what’s on his podcast playlist

Unsolved murders, cults and sordid scams: the latest true crime podcasts

Plus, an interview with the host of Love, Janessa, a new series about a catfishing scheme felt across the world.

These podcasts about love will get your heart thumping

A series that follows four singles on virtual dates, tips for surviving heartbreak, and how the screenwriter behind some of the best known romantic comedies found herself experiencing a real-life meet cute

Inside a forgotten American tragedy, misinformation in the wellness world and the pleasures of travel writing

Plus, conversations with the hosts of The Africas VS. America and Not Lost.

Fitting in to stand out, Articles of Interest explains why clothes matter

Leah-Simone Bowen sat down with the host of critically acclaimed podcast Articles of Interest to discuss the fascinating practice of getting dressed.

Dylan Marron of Conversations With People Who Hate Me on what we can learn from the comment section

Plus: Dylan shares his favourite podcast picks and offers insights from his new book

Articles of Interest host Avery Trufelman on why common fashion trends are actually counter-cultural

She also shares a list of her favourite series to listen to.

Making sense of the headlines with the hosts of Vibe Check

Plus, the trio shares what they’re listening to

Intriguing podcasts and interviews with their creators

The victims of true crime tell their stories, a podcast about the porn industry and more.

Is Pluto a planet? Fake news in the 1940s, and more

Start off the new year with these fantastic podcasts.