Podcasts our new host Leah-Simone Bowen can't live without

No matter the genre, Leah likes her podcasts to be both entertaining and insightful.

This September we've got a new host, a new season, and new podcasts!

We’re back from our summer break with stories about weed, fighting rhino poaching and the rise of right-wing radio. But first, some big news!

New and Notable Podcasts: Spring 2021 Edition

A bilingual adaptation of a Shakespeare classic, the ethics of compulsory vaccination, the friendliest war in Canadian history, and more

The weird world of the internet

From indie pornography to crowdsourcing detectives, we have stories about how the internet changes our world.

Why you should never meet your idols

Wayne Gretzky, Katharine Hepburn and Eddie Murphy are just a few icons demystified in this week's episode.

You're Wrong About hosts Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall on reframing the past and their favourite podcasts

The creators of one of the most insightful and entertaining podcasts out there take us through their origin story, why we so often get big stories wrong, and the podcasts they think you should hear.

The best new podcast releases for August 2021

We're sharing some seriously good podcasts for August.

Someone Knows Something's David Ridgen knows some unique indie podcasts you need to hear

The SKS host likes a show that challenges his thinking. Get ready for experimental audio, birds and outer space.

Hidden gems you need in your podcast feed

Neanderthal tools, how to save a small town (hint: try musical theatre), the fall of Euro Disney, and more.

Podcasts that celebrate cultural identity and diaspora

Black creatives share the sounds that embody Blackness to them. One word brings Puerto Ricans all over the world together. And a man sets out to understand his mixed race identity and the “pieces” that make up who he is.

Have a paranormal problem? Terry Carnation (aka Rainn Wilson) has advice on the new fiction podcast Dark Air

What do you say when your partner reveals they’re a werewolf? How do you deal when your dog’s lazy eye starts seeing dead people? Ask Terry Carnation. Played by The Office’s Rainn Wilson, he’s a long-time radio host with supernatural expertise and a mystery of his own. Terry himself stops by our show this episode. Plus, we bring you more new and notable podcasts for July.

What On Earth host Laura Lynch shares podcasts picks to keep you engaged with the climate crisis

“What we’re talking about is scary, but it can also be incredibly inspiring when you actually survey the number of people who are out there in the world actively seeking ways to ameliorate climate change...You don’t get that feeling of despair every time you talk about it.”

Celebrate Pride Month with these podcasts about LGBTQ trailblazers, past and present

Pride Month is a time for fun, but it's also for reflecting on LGBTQ history and Pride's origins as a protest. These podcasts can help with both.

New and Notable Podcasts: June 2021 Edition

Our all-Canadian lineup this month includes an intimate look at what Canada’s prisons are like for women, the captivating story of a serial liar and the women he deceived, and how to approach those questions you might want to ask...but probably shouldn’t.

New true crime podcasts that are taking a fresh look at crimes of the past

The new podcast Unascertained delves into the troubling story of Soleiman Faqiri, a mentally ill man who died in an Ontario jail cell in 2016 after being beaten, pepper sprayed and shackled by guards. His brother joins us to talk about Soleiman’s case.

More feel-good podcasts to brighten your day

Let the good times roll! You won’t find any true crime or bad news in this episode.

New and Notable Podcasts: May 2021 Edition

Don’t understand the latest meme or TikTok trend? The hosts of a new online culture podcast are here to save you from endless scrolling. Plus, true crime in Malibu, life advice from Dolly Parton, and more.

From dogs to dinosaurs, tales about the animals that bring us joy

What did the dinosaurs sound like? Does the family dog need more pats from dad? And who got into legally-dubious tiger ownership before the stars of Tiger King?

Jamie Loftus dives deep into a misunderstood classic in 'Lolita Podcast'

Plus, what has the My Year In Mensa host been listening to? She shares her podcast picks.

The Greatest Hits of the Podcast World

New must-listen episodes from chart-topping podcasts that never get old.

New and Notable Podcasts: Spring 2021 Edition

A bilingual adaptation of a Shakespeare classic, the ethics of compulsory vaccination, the friendliest war in Canadian history, and more

You're Wrong About's Mike and Sarah are back to recommend more fantastic indie podcasts

The co-hosts have a podcast for everything, from teen movies to the collapse of civilizations.

Banish your boredom with these brilliant podcasts

Whether you’re working on the frontlines, or taking in the slower pace of life, with fewer places to go, many people are finding themselves with a lot more free time on their hands. With all this extra time, do you catch yourself feeling bored? You've come to the right place — we're featuring podcasts that tackle boredom head-on.

Kids will love these true crime and mystery podcasts

There are plenty of fascinating mysteries and epic heists to enjoy at any age.

Feel good stories for when you need a pick-me-up

Plus, David Suzuki introduces us to his new podcast.