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The Quarantine Chronicles embrace the strangeness of 2020

PlayME invited some of Canada's top playwrights to write short plays inspired by our disorienting times, all destined to debut in a digital theatre.

Theatre podcast PlayME proudly presents a new summer series: an ode to the odd

Mizuko, a horror by Hiro Kanagawa, follows a young couple to a lakeside cottage where they are haunted by a recent loss. (Aza Jin)
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Forget the "new normal" for a second. Can't we all just admit that things have been weird lately? 

Shortly after COVID-19 upended life as we knew it, PlayME invited some of Canada's top playwrights to embrace the strangeness of our times and write short plays destined to debut in a digital theatre.

Well, the results are in, and they add up to special summer series called The Quarantine Chronicles. The chronicles are seven stories across a range of genres penned by award-winning playwrights in isolation. All were inspired by our distanced, disorienting and deranged times; all performed by actors working remotely, recording with microphones they received in the mail. 

Starting July 22, one new audio play will drop each Wednesday until Labour Day on PlayME's regular podcast feed. The stories cover a range of rich themes and popular genres that will transport listeners to vividly imagined worlds.

Each play runs roughly 30 - 40 minutes, and is perfect for walking your dog, driving at night, or finally cleaning out that creepy attic.  

Out now

Don't Get Me Startered by Mark Crawford
Comedy | July 22

A novice baker is gifted a sourdough starter with a mind of its own. An absurd comedy by Mark Crawford, 2020 nominee for the Leacock Medal for Humour. Listen here.

An absurd comedy about yeast. (Aza Jin)
Raking Light by Jordan Tannahill
Drama | July 29

Deep within the Pardo in Madrid, an art historian restores the famous Las Meninas painting while society crumbles outside. Listen here.

A psychological thriller about art and survival set in an art gallery in Madrid. (Aza Jin)

Mizuko (Water Baby) by Hiro Kanagawa
Horror | Aug 5
A young couple at a lakeside cottage is haunted by a mysterious presence trapped between two worlds. Listen here.

A Japanese-infused horror story with an immersive soundscape. (Aza Jin)

Coming soon

Liming by Leah-Simone Bowen
Science Fiction | Aug 12

Travel to a distant future where Rihanna rules the world and people are mandated to socialize ... or else.

A sci-fi comedy examining misinformation, power and potlucks. (Aza Jin)

Blue Rare by Kat Sandler
Horror | Aug 19
A swanky restaurant invites a naive food reviewer to taste a truly rare dish.

A horror/ comedy set in a swanky restaurant opening. (Aza Jin)

Saving Grace by Rosamund Small and Nicolas Billon
Drama | Aug 26
A strained relationship between two sisters, who are separated by much more than a border.

A suspenseful drama about fate, family, and the hard decisions that must be made at the borders of trust. (Aza Jin)

Home School by Erin Shields
Thriller | Sept 2

A couple of overwhelmed Quebecois parents are caught off guard when their children make a power-play. 

A comedy/ dystopian sci-fi about a power play between children and their parents. (Aza Jin)