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Sickboy podcast celebrates milestone; hosts showcase their gems

Celebrating five years of their health/comedy podcast Sickboy, hosts Jeremie, Bryan and Taylor choose their favourite episodes. A Sophie's choice of sorts.

With Sickboy's fifth anniversary, Jeremie, Bryan and Taylor choose their favourite past episodes

From left: Brian, Jeremie, and Taylor, recording in Halifax before COVID-19. (Submitted by Sickboy)

In celebration of their health/comedy podcast's fifth anniversary, Sickboy hosts Jeremie, Brian and Taylor have selected their most memorable interviews of the past half-decade. They also celebrated joining the CBC Podcasts family. 

If you're new to the podcast, each week these three best friends shed light on the unseen world of illness. Jeremie's lifelong battle with the cystic fibrosis sets the scene for heartfelt, honest, and surprisingly funny conversations with health experts and those living with illness or disease. 

The podcast has been featured in The Guardian, Vice, BBC World, CBC Radio's Metro Morning, and more.

But whether you're a dedicated member of the Sickboy movement, or a newcomer to the show, get to know the Sickboy team better in discovering what have been their most memorable episodes to date, and why.

Meet Jeremie, Brian and Taylor. Three best friends who understand that sometimes the best way to deal with illness, disease and life is simply to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, right? 3:38

Jeremie's choice

Episode 100: He Has Died. He Has Risen: David Maginley, M.Div

"This conversation really sticks out to me for a number of reasons. But the big one is that I have spent a good majority of my adult life meditating on my own inevitable death. What does it mean to die? What will it feel like? What happens after? From a practical stand point but also from a spiritual stand point. To put it lightly I've obsessed over my own death. So when we had the opportunity to speak to David Maginley, M.DIV I was truly floored. David offers guidance to those within palliative care. Although he's a man of faith, he isn't necessarily interested in what you believe or subscribe to. He's more interested in the quality of your love. He's a wise man with a lovely way of exploring the beauty of death and life and love. I'll always cherish this conversation and what I was able to glean from that experience."

Brian's fave

Episode 27: Osteosarcoma/Life as an Amputee

 "At only 19 years of age, Brandon Thomas stole our hearts. This remarkable young man was battling the same cancer that took Terry Fox's life. He had this wild operation where they removed his femur, spun around his lower leg and reattached it to his hip so his ankle could act as a new knee. Something we didn't expect to get out of this podcast was a new best friend, but Brandon quickly became just that. Although he beat cancer the first time, devastatingly it kept coming back. On May 8th, 2018 Brandon died. Brandon's sense of humour and resilience not only made for memorable podcast conversations, they made for an incredible friendship." 

Taylor's pick

Episode 143: Pursuing A Life Of Happiness w/ Ben Nemtin

"It's always delightful to have a conversation about the challenges each and every one of us face, and how to face and overcome them with strength and courage: community expectations, pursuing the search for your true identity, and the depression and anxiety that often comes with the changing tides of our lives."

About the hosts

(Monica Phung)
Jeremie Saunders
is an award-winning actor, producer and host of popular original Canadian media, including film, television and podcasts. He lives with a genetic lung disease called cystic fibrosis. Jeremie is currently based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. 


(Submitted by Brian)
 Brian Stever
is sensitive, kind-hearted and inquisitive. Making other people smile is his ultimate purpose in life. As a host of Sickboy, Brian's goal is to create a safe space for the guests to share the scariest or most challenging moments of their lives, so that ultimately listeners will feel inspired to do the same.


(Monica Phung)
 Taylor MacGillivary
is a curious individual. When it comes to hosting Sickboy, Taylor is trying to find the philosophical elements of the guest's experience that listeners can take away from each episode and ponder the value it might bring to their own daily experience. When he's not doing that, he's either making fun of Brian or laughing hysterically at something grossly inappropriate that has just been said by one of his co-hosts.


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