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Here's what you told us you're listening to in these uncertain times

We know a lot of you are turning to podcasts for all kinds of reasons these days, from information to escape. We asked if you’ve heard anything especially great, and you listed everything from true crime to kids podcasts.

No, it’s not all breaking news

What audio is keeping you company in the age of self-isolation and working from home? (Josh Edelson/AFP via Getty Images)

Living rooms around the world are being converted into home offices, makeshift classrooms and more in light of COVID-19.

As folks everywhere adjust to increased time spent at home while social distancing or self-isolating, the collective appetite for engaging content seems higher than ever. 

In response to this, CBC Podcasts reached out on social media to ask people what audio is keeping them company during these tumultuous times. Here's what you told us. 

(Full disclosure: some of our producers, also working from home, shared their own picks.)

Respite and levity 

Many of you have welcomed podcasts that provide an escape from the stress of the current news cycle. 

There's finding comfort in storytelling:

Or restoring one's faith in humanity:

On Facebook, Sharon VanDerPool said she's finding power in empathetic listening. 

"This is Actually Happening, created by Whit Missildine, is the most compelling podcast I've ever heard. Every episode is narrated by an individual who has lived a harrowing, life changing experience. Listening to TIAH reminds me that we are all going through something deeply personal and often very painful," she wrote.

Others are just in search of a good laugh:

"Skeptics Guide to the Universe, for levity and a rational look at what's going on in the world. Ologies, for being entertaining and embracing the idea of 'ask smart people stupid questions'," Henry Strong wrote on Facebook.

Laura Borrelli, from Instagram, explained the joy of getting lost in good old-fashioned back-and-forths with the Armchair Expert podcast. "I appreciate Dax Shepherd's style of interviewing, he's super inquisitive… Always super interesting."

And then there's balm for when you're feeling cooped up:

The comfort of true crime

The true crime genre, especially when it comes to podcasts, often serves as an outlet for anxiety for many. It was the most common response to our question by far.

AnneMarie Janine from Facebook explained it best when she said "I cannot feed my brain the non-stop news cycle that is happening… I am isolated and I welcome the slow pace of this strange and complicated situation we are in. I would like to come out of it knowing more and feeling closer to others. Not much matters more. Crackdown and Uncover: The Village showcase a history and a reality that is at times shocking, terrifying and incredibly thought-provoking."

Sonia Morales Alexander told us about Canadian True Crime, calling it "addictive and awesome."

Another simple yet strong suggestion:

And finally, if you're aiming for something more topical, Alexandra Johnstone commented that she is listening to Uncover: Satanic Panic because it's a "good one for these times in understanding fear, panic and mob mentality." 

What pods are you leaning on these days? We'd love to hear! Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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